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Homemade radio in space

Since I can remember, I have been interested in designing amateur radios.  As a radio enthusiast I received my radio amateur license and got in touch with the AMSAT (AMteur SATtellite) community, which focuses mainly on establishing contact via home-made satellite radios. Their focus is limitied, because designing for aeronautics and space undertakings is Read More

Posted by William Leijenaar  /   June 12, 2012  /   Posted in MCUs, MCUs Featured, Microcontrollers  /   1 Comments

Flying high – Neocopter project Part I

How to connect design and electronics with ordinary fun? [youtube height=”500″ width=”640″][/youtube] I created an UAV, or Unmanned Arial Vehicle, which is a multi rotor system. Some call it a Drone, this flying machine in a Quadro or Hexa configuration with 4 or 6 brushless motors. The airframe and landing gear Read More

Posted by Franz Achatz  /   June 06, 2012  /   Posted in MCUs, Microcontrollers  /   1 Comments