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NXP and the evolution of the car key

The car key has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Those familiar with vintage slapstick comedy will recall that early cars did not have ignition keys, but crank handles that could often cause broken wrists! It was not until 1916 that car manufacturers began to utilize the key, Read More

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No more traffic delays? The future of mobility needs smarter solutions!

How to improve mobility in times of economic crisis is a hot topic in many countries. However, pilot projects already showed that technology can improve traffic flows and motivate car drivers to change habits. In this video, shot for the Dutch mobility week, I explain that with smart technology, governments don’t Read More

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Rick Clemmer talks to CNBC Asia

Last Friday, our CEO Rick Clemmer met with Oriel Morrison from CNBC Asia’s “Cash Flow” to discuss how NXP continues to outgrow the industry. Rick highlighted that, while the semiconductor market remains flat, NXP was able to outgrow its peer group. He also pointed to NXP’s differentiated technology as a Read More

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NXP announces best supplier awards!

Today we are delighted to announce and celebrate the winners of our second annual Supplier Awards at our Supplier Day in Bangkok, Thailand. The event featured companies from across our global supply base. Senior executives from 61 of our key suppliers were in attendance representing all spend areas including Materials, Read More

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The future of automotive technology

NXP Semiconductors is leader in technology solutions that make cars more safe, comfortable and efficient. We believe our solutions can add great value in helping solving some of today’s main societal issues: road safety, congestion and mobility. Happily, we are not the only ones! Click here for a great story Read More

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NFC: A New Era of Proximity Marketing

Today’s retailers have an opportunity to engage with consumers at a much deeper level than ever before. Contactless technology and NFC is creating new and exciting opportunities to interact and improve services from point of sale to back-office innovation. One of the greatest benefits is efficiency, speeding up transaction times, Read More

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