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Why interoperability is key for the smart lighting market

NXP has just become the first semiconductor company to join The Connected Lighting Alliance, something which we’re very excited about. Why so? We believe that the work the Alliance is doing is absolutely vital for the ongoing development of the smart lighting market. Founded by leading companies in the lighting Read More

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NXP Nijmegen drives the NFC payment revolution

Back in September, we reported on a great summer for NFC and the millions of people who are now using the technology across multiple platforms.  Now, all 2,500 employees at NXP’s Nijmegen offices are joining in the NFC revolution by using the technology to pay for meals in our company restaurant Read More

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Where did I put that TV remote?

One line of thought currently is that smartphones (and increasingly tablets) will be the user control interface for much electronic gadgetry in the near future; and particularly so in the home. As an example, I maintain a small basket of remote controllers for various pieces of entertainment equipment; I mean Read More

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The Smart Washing Machine

In our recent Innovation Day event in Amsterdam, we showcased some of our hottest technology demos. One of them is the transformation of the humble washing machine into a smart appliance thanks to the integration of Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities. If you’ve ever left a red jumper with white shirts or Read More

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