AN1117 IPC on LPC43xx: Managing inter-processor communications in the dual-core LPC4300

When dealing with a microcontroller that has two processor cores, it’s important to develop a clear set of rules for communications between the two cores. In the LPC4300 series, the two cores are of different types. There is a Cortex-M4 for complex applications processing, including DSP functions, and a Cortex-M0 Read More

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Flying high – Neocopter project Part I

How to connect design and electronics with ordinary fun? [youtube height=”500″ width=”640″][/youtube] I created an UAV, or Unmanned Arial Vehicle, which is a multi rotor system. Some call it a Drone, this flying machine in a Quadro or Hexa configuration with 4 or 6 brushless motors. The airframe and landing gear Read More

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