Ubiquitous processing power and single-board computers

Back in the dim, distant past, the personal computer revolution began. Small, low-cost PCs gave everyone the chance to discover the art of programming and carry out simple tasks. But with an 8-bit Z80 processor running at 3.5 MHz, and a mere 4 kBytes of ROM and 1 kByte of Read More

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Teach your MCU to talk: AN11085 Speex on LPC175x/6x

A growing number of applications, including VoIP, voice messaging, internet audio streaming, and audio books, involve the recording and playback of human speech. To support these applications, we’ve developed source code and a sample application for running Speex, the open-source, royalty-free software codec for voice data. The sample application demonstrates Read More

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AN1117 IPC on LPC43xx: Managing inter-processor communications in the dual-core LPC4300

When dealing with a microcontroller that has two processor cores, it’s important to develop a clear set of rules for communications between the two cores. In the LPC4300 series, the two cores are of different types. There is a Cortex-M4 for complex applications processing, including DSP functions, and a Cortex-M0 Read More

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Flying high – Neocopter project Part I

How to connect design and electronics with ordinary fun? [youtube height=”500″ width=”640″][/youtube] I created an UAV, or Unmanned Arial Vehicle, which is a multi rotor system. Some call it a Drone, this flying machine in a Quadro or Hexa configuration with 4 or 6 brushless motors. The airframe and landing gear Read More

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Speaking the same language

In the design process of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) ICs, there are quite a number of languages used in the front-end of the design flow (that is the phase before the physical implementation starts): languages to describe the analog and digital hardware (like Verilog-AMS, Verilog, VHDL), languages dedicated to verification for the Read More

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