The promise of NFC for Industry 4.0

There have been several points, in the history of manufacturing, when technology has truly revolutionized the way products are made. In the early part of the 20th century, the steam engine and electrification led to mass production, and in the 1970s, when robotics, computers, and other types of automation came Read More

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We protect our identities. Now it’s time to protect our energy.

The RSA Conference in San Francisco, which is one of the premier annual events for people in data security, was held last week, at a time when the data breach at Target Corporation is still very fresh in the minds of North American retailers, bankers, and consumers. The issue of Read More

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AN1117 IPC on LPC43xx: Managing inter-processor communications in the dual-core LPC4300

When dealing with a microcontroller that has two processor cores, it’s important to develop a clear set of rules for communications between the two cores. In the LPC4300 series, the two cores are of different types. There is a Cortex-M4 for complex applications processing, including DSP functions, and a Cortex-M0 Read More

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Homemade radio in space

Since I can remember, I have been interested in designing amateur radios.  As a radio enthusiast I received my radio amateur license and got in touch with the AMSAT (AMteur SATtellite) community, which focuses mainly on establishing contact via home-made satellite radios. Their focus is limitied, because designing for aeronautics and space undertakings is Read More

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Flying high – Neocopter project Part I

How to connect design and electronics with ordinary fun? [youtube height=”500″ width=”640″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP1-MZmpxsQ[/youtube] I created an UAV, or Unmanned Arial Vehicle, which is a multi rotor system. Some call it a Drone, this flying machine in a Quadro or Hexa configuration with 4 or 6 brushless motors. The airframe and landing gear Read More

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