NFC everywhere

For a long time NFC technology was in a catch-22, or chicken-or-egg, situation. Why should manufacturers implement NFC in phones when no products supported it and vice-versa? Fortunately, those days are behind us and with over 0.5 billion NFC enabled high-end smart phones in use today, this issue has been Read More

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NXP at Mobile World Congress – wearable technology will be one to watch

Kazou Kashio, CEO of Casio was quoted last year describing the human wrist as “prime real estate”. Kazou was alluding to the biggest technology battle that will take place in 2014; the fight to dominate the wearable technology market. While there are a number of innovations taking place in the wearable Read More

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NXP at Mobile World Congress – Your ticket to a smarter world through NFC

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is now less than two weeks away and I’m already dreading the inevitable task of packing my suitcase. I have to be so prepared and think several steps ahead. As well as making sure I have enough clothes, toiletries and electronic devices I’ll need for my Read More

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What will you be wearing at CES? NFC-enabled badges deliver “tap-to-interact” experiences

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES, Las Vegas, January 7-10) is considered by many to be the most important technology event in the world, but one of the coolest things you’ll see at this year’s show isn’t on display in a booth — it’s being worn by show attendees. Every one Read More

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Flying the flag for the NFC tag

There have been a cluster of interesting bits of NFC news over the past week that highlight not just that the market is growing – but also that it is extending into new areas. First off, NXP launched a new family of NFC tags that can be cost-effectively added to Read More

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Introducing the new and VERY improved NFC portal!

Thinking about using NFC (near field communication) technology but don’t know where to start? Trying to find NFC-knowledgeable partners that’ll help you get ahead of the competition? Looking for new application ideas for NFC? Want to find quick answers to your NFC questions? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of Read More

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Is mobile eGov the next step in the evolution of the smartphone?

The smartphone is increasingly a ubiquitous presence in our lives, having rapidly transitioned from communications device to portable online hub, driving trends such as m-shopping and m-banking as well as putting entertainment and social networking at our fingertips, anytime, anywhere. But the smartphone still has lots more to offer. Just Read More

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Tesla’s Legacy: Wireless Power Transfer

The concept of wireless energy transfer goes back to the late 19th century with the invention of the Tesla Coil. And today, the realization of the wireless energy concept is perhaps most readily recognized in the powering of electric toothbrushes. But clearly there are a whole host of potential applications Read More

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The Voyage from Coin to Contactless (and NFC)

Earlier this year, the Bank of Canada stopped distributing its one-cent coin, and apparently cash transactions are now rounded to the nearest 5 cents (while non-cash transactions continue to be rounded to the nearest cent). A fundamental reason for this of course is that increasingly small denomination coins cost more Read More

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How NFC will change the way you think about brands forever

At NXP, we believe that NFC will revolutionize our lives over the next few years. The penetration figures speak for themselves: over 100m NFC-enabled devices were shipped in 2012, with ABI Research expecting that the number of NFC devices in circulation will exceed 500 million units by 2014 and nearly Read More

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