The promise of NFC for Industry 4.0

There have been several points, in the history of manufacturing, when technology has truly revolutionized the way products are made. In the early part of the 20th century, the steam engine and electrification led to mass production, and in the 1970s, when robotics, computers, and other types of automation came Read More

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Robust parts for Harsh Environments, NXP’s Automotive Logic Parts Lead the Way

Automotive applications present a harsh environment for semiconductor components. Parts in these applications must continue to work reliably, despite operating temperatures that may range anywhere from less than ‑20 ºC to those approaching 150 ºC. Operating at elevated temperatures reduces the lifetime of semiconductor parts and negatively affects the stability of the Read More

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15 reasons NFC technology is changing the world

Since being co-invented by NXP Semiconductors and Sony in 2002, Near Field Communications (NFC) technology has been making its way into millions of mobile phones and other smart products. NFC is already being deployed for a wide range of innovative applications designed to make our lives easier and tasks more Read More

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NXP RFID takes the hassle out of car rental

For many years RFID has been a key driver of change in the automotive industry. RFID has been a fundamental element in the transformation of cars into the intelligent vehicles we know today. The wireless technology has been deployed across the world serving various use cases including road tolling, license Read More

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Welcome home to the 21st century

Our world is full of technological marvels that have enhanced many aspects of our lives. The unabated rise of the smartphone app in almost every aspect of modern life is also well understood. However our homes ‘operate’ in much the same way they did through most of the 20th century, Read More

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How to build a better microwave oven using solid-state RF

Microwave ovens have used the same basic design for decades, but, as described in our new white paper, upgrading to solid-state electronics promises to change how we cook food. Today’s ovens are powered by a magnetron, which is a device originally developed for World War II radar systems. Magnetrons use Read More

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Is there hope for online security?

In my job as a communications director for NXP, I talk a lot about security. I attend conferences on cyber issues, discuss the importance of protecting data and improving authentication algorithms, and highlight the ways NXP’s technologies can make it safer to go online. But online security recently became very Read More

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It’s personal: deeper brand relationships with NFC and cloud – Part 2

Good for the consumer, good for the brand When physical products that don’t traditionally have built-in electronics, such as dresses and wine bottles, connect to cloud-based functionality, through the use of NFC tags and a user’s mobile device, these physical products become part of the Internet of Everything, and can Read More

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Will IoT devices with Bluetooth mesh make the cut in home automation?

Last summer, the home-improvement giant, Lowe’s, took a poll. They asked more than 2,000 Americans how they felt about home automation. More than fifty percent of respondents said that having a smart home was at least “somewhat important” to them. And, when asked what kinds of things they might automate, Read More

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