TAMAGOTCHI 4U – NFC enhances toy interactivity!

Cast your mind back almost 20 years and you may remember the launch of the Tamagotchi – an electronic ‘pet’ that owners fed, washed, entertained and exercised.  The keychain sized Tamagotchi was a pet simulation game which allowed owners to have a pet without physically owning one.  The pets needed Read More

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Controlling Color Lights With ZigBee – How Hard Can It Be?

How hard can it be to control color LEDs using ZigBee?  It may sound simple, but it’s fraught with hidden difficulties. ZigBee is a low-power, low-data rate wireless standard for control and monitoring that allows us to control large numbers of lamps with battery-powered remote controls and also to link Read More

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Tesla’s Legacy: Wireless Power Transfer

The concept of wireless energy transfer goes back to the late 19th century with the invention of the Tesla Coil. And today, the realization of the wireless energy concept is perhaps most readily recognized in the powering of electric toothbrushes. But clearly there are a whole host of potential applications Read More

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NFC: A New Era of Proximity Marketing

Today’s retailers have an opportunity to engage with consumers at a much deeper level than ever before. Contactless technology and NFC is creating new and exciting opportunities to interact and improve services from point of sale to back-office innovation. One of the greatest benefits is efficiency, speeding up transaction times, Read More

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