Bring personality and interactivity to next-gen vehicles with future i.MX 8

Bring personality and interactivity to next-gen vehicles with future i.MX 8

Design more intuitive, personalized experiences with i.MX 8
Get ready for a radical shake up of multimedia and display applications across all kinds of industries.

If you’re familiar with i.MX, from the very first i.MX processors to the i.MX 6 and 7 series, then you’re aware of its reputation for performance, power optimization and integration capabilities. The new i.MX 8 family incorporates those same key attributes but extends them into realms the industry has never experienced — it’s poised to revolutionize interactivity.

i.MX 8 incorporates innovations in the processor — complex graphics, vision, virtualization and safety to help revolutionize interactivity for a wide range of uses in many, many markets. The capabilities of this family is broad, so let’s focus that innovation down to something familiar to all of us: your car. Here’s what the next generation cars, powered by i.MX 8, can bring to you.

Connect to your car data in the multimedia “e-cockpit” powered by i.MX 8
As the driver, you connect with your car in multiple ways.  You process information given by the infotainment, dashboard, telematics systems and camera systems, all while keeping your eyes on the road.

This multimedia centric e-cockpit will revolve around the i.MX 8, a single chip that drives all displays from infotainment to heads-up-displays (HUD) to instrument clusters. It’s optimized for the intelligent transfer of data and information management from multiple subsystems within the IC – as opposed to only delivering raw performance through one or two processing blocks.

So what can you expect in this new world of the e-cockpit?

Deliver safety features that automotive OEMs require
Passenger safety is a critical feature of the e-cockpit. You’ll keep your eyes forward on the road through advanced heads-up displays, intuitive gesture control and natural speech recognition.

You can significantly increase performance and deliver safety features that automotive OEMs require for next-generation systems using our approach to vision processing, graphics rendering and audio acceleration.

A hand wave command can change the radio station using i.MX 8 powered cameras inside the car. Passengers in the back seat will turn on the air conditioning via voice commands using built-in microphones.

These same cameras will soon be sophisticated enough to detect and recognize objects and people in the vehicle. This has tremendous safety implications. It could alert a sleepy driver to stay awake and it could even help stop a thief from starting your vehicle – all via facial recognition.

Get fail-safe reliable display of critical information – even if the OS crashes
Let’s face it, we’ve all come to live with a lower level of reliability from our mobile devices because of their utility in our everyday lives. Automotive OEMs are pursuing similar software technologies in their infotainment systems to deliver similar levels of utility and convenience.

However, in the event of a software crash, you still need to display critical information to the driver – speed, gear selection, fuel level, cameras, etc. The i.MX 8 series allows this information to display to the driver even in the event of an operating system crash.

Reliable security is built into the i.MX 8 at every stage of design. We offer automotive grade, fail-safe reliability for solutions that are designed from the ground up specifically for optimal function in harsh operating conditions.

Your idea of science fiction becomes a reality
Capabilities that you’ve only seen in the movies will be brought to life with i.MX 8.

Augmented reality (AR): The car’s infotainment system integrates with AR and works with the windshield and gesture control. Imagine you’re on a long road trip and a point of interest pops up as an icon on the windshield in front of you as you’re driving, with your eyes still on the road. You could ‘grab’ that icon through gesture control, as you might on a desktop computer, and ‘throw’ it into a file on the other side of the windshield to save for later reference or for your passenger to investigate.

Enhanced convenience: Enhanced driver accessibility and communication that goes beyond a Wi-Fi hotspot inside the car or surround view parking cameras is possible with i.MX 8 processors. Imagine your seat and steering preferences automatically adjust through the vehicle’s facial recognition system, while it simultaneously syncs your phone and tunes the radio to your favorite station. When your mom calls, her photo pops up on the display.

Device connectivity:  Your devices that you bring into the car can connect to enhance your driving experience using i.MX 8. Your favorite applications from your mobile device will be available to you via your infotainment, cluster and heads up displays. You’ll control them through gestures or natural language so that you can focus on driving yet safely interact with your devices.

Benefit from security enhancements that meet next-gen OEM requirements
And, of course security is key.  Automotive hacks make headlines on a daily basis, and OEMs take security of their systems extremely seriously due to the negative publicity these hacks generate.  The i.MX 8 will integrate significant enhancements to security blocks that will meet next generation OEM requirements and provide more flexibility in the security architecture of the vehicle network 

Design a single hardware platform and scale it across multiple market segments
i.MX applications processors are truly the industry’s most  scalable platform. You can design a single hardware platform and scale it across multiple market segments with the unique approach to pin and software compatibility within the i.MX families.

The future looks very bright for i.MX in automotive.  Prepare yourselves for the next level of user experience in the vehicle—it’s going to be a great ride.

Ron Martino is Vice President of Applications Processors and Advanced Technology Adoption – Microcontrollers, Freescale Semiconductor


Ron Martino
Ron Martino
Ron Martino is the Vice President of i.MX Application Processor Business and Advanced Technology Adoption. He is responsible for driving the broad adoption and rapid growth of the i.MX application processor business across consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

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