Building a Smarter World: A new generation of connected car

Building a Smarter World: A new generation of connected car

We all know the world is getting smarter but who is it that’s building this new smarter world?


Almost everyone on the globe has their part to play in developing this world, but in particular dedicated and passionate engineers, thinkers and innovators are creating the smart technology solutions to the critical issues of today and tomorrow.

Just one of these powerful innovations is “Nova” the latest prototype modular electric vehicle from students at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Designed for the road, the one of a kind car demonstrates the latest in connected technology as well as an innovative, completely unique, modular design.

The project is the result of close collaboration between students at the university and NXP Semiconductors. The students built the car using NXP chip technology and relied on experienced NXP automotive engineers to advise them along the way.

“At NXP we try and build the components that make the world smarter,” said Han Raaijmakers, System architect, NXP. “We see [the Nova car] as a demo vehicle, we put new electronics inside the car to make it not just a new car for the students but a new car for everyone.”


The result is a concept car that offers a glimpse into future of mobility. The vehicle contains Vehicle-to-Vehicle/Infrastructure (V2X) technology so it can ‘talk’ to other vehicles and other connected infrastructure – a core feature of the future smarter world. It also contains a whole host of other secure NXP technology which underpins its capabilities.

The car’s modular design means that almost every part of the vehicle can be easily taken off and replaced with another module, allowing the car to be fully customisable. It is also very energy efficient and green as it is totally powered by electricity.

“We actually built a car, not many people can say that,” said Rick Bouten, a software science student at the university. “We think the elements of the car of the future are modularity and connectivity, it should be able to connect with other cars. As a driver you will have to do less and less and in the end the car will drive itself.”

This kind of collaboration is not new to NXP, the company has worked closely with students in the past to produce projects such as the solar powered Stella – the world’s first solar powered family car. NXP supports innovation in all forms and is a willing partner for anyone looking to create a smarter world.

See the story of the Nova car below.

Martijn van der Linden
Martijn van der Linden
Martijn van der Linden is PR & Communications Manager for EMEA at NXP Semiconductors.

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  1. Avatar Felix Graeff says:

    Fantastic job, I’m proud to work for a company where such future is built. I just hope we continue to develop these kind of innovations in order to solve the problem of a growing population and the limited resources on our planet.

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