Connecting the In-Car Experience – NXP Connects the Car

Connecting the In-Car Experience – NXP Connects the Car

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving and NXP is at the forefront of this transformation.  Gone are the days when a car was just a way to get from point A to point B.  Rather, the car is rapidly changing into a personalized mobile infotainment hub for both drivers and passengers and NXP is helping drive this change!

Check out this great new video that we’ve created to highlight our pivotal position in the evolving connected car eco-system. NXP has long championed the benefits of the connected car:

Here’s just some of the ways in which NXP Connects the Car:

  • On average, every new car contains eight in-vehicle networking chips from NXP, covering all major current and emerging standards and networks.
  • NXP is the number one supplier of car access and immobilizer chips – our technology enables secure keyless entry and ignition.  And our newest generation of two-way communication smart keys even lets you collect and store information about your car on your key fob and transfer the information to a smart phone or PC via NFC, for example to check how much fuel you have in the tank before you set off on a journey
  • With safety a key concern for both motorists and insurers, NXP’s ATOP telematics platform is already used by a number of leading OEMs for emergency call and can even be used for pay-as-you-drive insurance
  • In the future, car-to-x communications will even help to prevent road accidents and improve the way traffic flows
  • Over the past 25 years, the performance of car entertainment systems has improved beyond recognition – thanks to NXP’s innovative radio technology, motorists can now enjoy fantastic reception and choice of channels, from analog to digital, even under the most difficult of reception conditions
  • And as a leader in Security and Identification, NXP is working to ensure that as the car becomes more and more connected, these connections remain trusted and secure.

The connected car has an exciting future ahead of it, with endless possibilities and areas for development.  From telematics and car-to-x communications to entertainment systems, NXP is supplying the chips making this future possible: secure connections for a smarter world.

Stefanie Linke
Stefanie Linke
Stefanie Linke is Global Marketing and Communication Manager Automotive at NXP Semiconductors.

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