Hello Remote Control Parking (goodbye parking stresses)

Hello Remote Control Parking (goodbye parking stresses)

Driving can be a stressful experience in busy cities. You can spend hours sitting in congestion, sometimes only moving a few miles in an hour. More cars on the road also means finding a suitable parking space can be a nightmare. And when you finally find a place to park your precious car, the spot often is so narrow that it’s hardly possible to get out of the vehicle. All of this is adding significant time and hassle to car journeys.

The stress of parking is coming to an end, thanks to the Remote Controlled Parking function now available in the new BMW 7 series. The BMW 7 series is the first car in the world which can automatically park itself without a person in the driver seat. The feature, demonstrated at the NXP Investor Day, means a driver can step out of the vehicle and watch as the car safely and smartly maneuvers itself in to or out of forward-parking spaces or garages without anyone at the wheel.

Watch it demonstrated in action:

How does it work?         

The driver operates the Remote Control Parking function by hitting a button on the BMW Display Car Key – as many car fans would probably agree, it’s currently the most innovative car key on the market.

The BMW 7 series has over 300 NXP chips and sensors built in to the car and the key. Some of which track how far away the car is from pavements, garages, and nearby vehicles. Based on this information the vehicle safely maneuvers its way into the space by automatically supervising, braking, accelerating and steering. While the car is carrying out the semi-automated maneuver, the driver watches out for obstacles.

The feature is ideal for drivers who park their car in a garage, and have a battle every day with the tight space. There is now no need to constantly worry about the car getting scratched by the sides of the garage or wasting several minutes each day maneuvering the vehicle into the space. This innovative feature uses NXP sensors to avoid any obstacles, automatically folds the wing mirrors into the sides of the car, and drives the vehicle securely into the space. And when returning to the car, the driver can use the same process to reverse the car out of the parking space again. This feature can be used to automatically park in any forward-driving car parking space within a city.



NXP powers BMW remote parking with smart connectivity, sensing and processing technologies


This is just the beginning

The automotive industry is getting much closer to fully autonomous driving, which will be a critical feature in smart cities of the future. Each step along the way is bringing exciting and convenient new features to drivers all over the world. The new Remote Control Parking function currently works with forward driving parking spaces like garages, meaning drivers must remain seated when it comes to parallel parking, but it won’t be long until this can be a completely autonomous process too.

Remote Control Parking is just one example of how the automotive industry is transforming. However, the opportunities are endless and will bring a great deal of convenience and an exciting new driving experience to car owners around the world. And beyond that the addition of new sensor systems like Radar, Vision and V2X technology will help saving lives and optimize traffic flows in cities.




Lars Reger
Lars Reger
Lars Reger, Senior Vice President, is Chief Technology Officer at NXP Semiconductors. As CTO, Lars is responsible for managing new business activities and R&D in the focus markets of Automotive, Industry 4.0., Internet of Things, Mobile, and Connectivity & Infrastructure. NXP has the broadest processor portfolio for the Internet of Things and is the world's largest chip supplier to the automotive industry. NXP and its global team of experts drive the development of autonomous, securely connected vehicles and accelerate the introduction of smart and securely connected devices for the Internet of Things through its outstanding edge computing expertise. Before joining NXP, Lars gained deep insight into the microelectronics industry with a focus on the automotive sector. He began his career with Siemens Semiconductors as Product Engineer in 1997. His past roles at Infineon included Head of the Process and Product Engineering departments, Project Manager for Mobile System Chips, and Director of IP Management. Prior to joining NXP as CTO of the automotive division in 2008, he was responsible for business development and product management within the Connectivity Business Unit at Continental. In December 2018 Lars was appointed CTO and has since then been responsible for the overall technology portfolio of NXP.


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  2. Avatar Marc Robaszkiewicz says:

    Autonomous Parking is just the first step into the direction of autonomous driving!

    It is great to see, that the company is cutting edge in terms of technology in that field. What really makes me ambitious is that BMW, as a german car manufacturer, took a step into this direction. However, I am confident that european automotive companies will keep up with the competition. I am looking forward for the next innovation and will stay tuned!


  3. Avatar Menze says:

    Excellent. But not the only and first car. Tesla had it already for half a year

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