NXP at ITS World Congress: The road towards intelligent mobility

NXP at ITS World Congress: The road towards intelligent mobility


Kicking off on October 5th, ITS World Congress is the world’s biggest event dedicated to intelligent transport systems and services. This year, the event will focus on our journey towards intelligent mobility – something NXP has been championing for some time now.

Together with partners in technology, automotive and even government, NXP has been one of the companies spearheading the evolution of secure connected vehicles. These vehicles are not only built for the comfort and convenience of drivers, but will be super intelligent about their environment; capable of detecting and avoiding potential hazards, traffic jams and dramatically improving road safety and efficiency.

Highlights from NXP at ITS World Congress will include: 

Live showcase demo with Siemens and Honda – witness the technology that will help us on the road to zero accidents and lower emissions. This live demo on real roads (around the Convention Centre and the Parc des Expositions) will show how vehicles will soon be able to interact with each other and with the surrounding infrastructure to protect vulnerable road users, reduce traffic congestion and defend themselves against threats, including hackers.

The demonstration will include STORMThe world’s first electric touring motorcycle, set to race around the world in 80 days, using only renewable energy sources. The vehicle is also fitted with Vehicle-to-X (V2X) technology which can communicate with other vehicles to ensure they are visible, even when hidden behind a large truck or around a corner. This will help prevent the motorcycle from being overlooked in difficult traffic situations. Other technology use cases in this demo include alerts about upcoming hazards like road works, slippery road surfaces, broken down cars, and speed alerts for changing traffic lights.

Car of the future: Rinspeed Exchange – sporting a moving steering wheel, widescreen TV and NFC license plates, this concept car brings together technology from leading suppliers including NXP, HARMAN and Cohda Wireless. The demo will highlight how vehicles will deliver personalised experiences in the future, with the most advanced safety and convenience features.

Expert discussion: How can we trust Intelligent Transportation Systems?

October 7th, 15.30 CET in Hall 3, Room 301

NXP will kick off an important debate with industry experts from Siemens, HighQ, CAUSA Consulting and others. As part of NXP’s Me & My Smarter World program, renowned author John C. Havens (Mashable, The Guardian) will kick start the discussion with his keynote speech ‘Values by Design: How we can trust Intelligent Transportation Systems’. Do we hand over too much control to algorithms and machines? Don’t worry! says John. There are ways that will enable us to trust them. Join the debate with John and Lars Reger, CTO NXP Automotive online via #MySmarterWorld or live in Bordeaux. Moderator: Doug Newcomb, President C3 Group. Regular live updates.

Join us for a first-hand look at our technologies during ITS World Congress Bordeaux in the exhibition centre in Bordeaux, Hall 1, booth No. C14.

Birgit Ahlborn
Birgit Ahlborn
Birgit Ahlborn is Director of PR & Communications for NXP’s global automotive business. Her stories focus on technologies for the securely connected, self-driving car of the future.

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