NXP shows off latest advances in IoT at MWC

NXP shows off latest advances in IoT at MWC

Gartner predicts that 4.9 billion connected ‘things’ will be in use by 2015, smarter connections are becoming a key part of our everyday lives, enabling efficiency, convenience and connectivity at every turn. Soon the Internet of Things will be a regular feature in our world, and we will be using our smartphones to sync to our wearable tech and control the connected devices in our cars, homes and offices.

NXP will be demonstrating a number of these technologies at this year’s MWC and discussing our latest developments in the Internet of Things. We will also be focusing on how consumers can get the most out of the rapidly evolving connected world and the importance of embedded security in giving them the confidence to do so.


The key demonstrations will include:

  • The connected car– a Tesla-based concept car from Rinspeed, a creative think tank for future mobility. It brings together all the best features of the connected car and boasts a variety of NXP technologies – all aimed at showcasing how the car of the future will make for improved safety, entertainment and convenience
  • NFC – a series of demos which highlight basic functionality of NFC as well as how it is and can be integrated into your day to day life, whether that be through contactless payments, mobile payments, paperless transport, seamless car access and entertainment and more
  • Sensors – as mobile devices get smarter and need to interact with the world around them, sensors become more intrinsic to their functionality. This demo uses NEXUS 7 phones to showcase how manufactures can take advantage of this technology while maximizing battery life
Martijn van der Linden
Martijn van der Linden
Martijn van der Linden is PR & Communications Manager for EMEA at NXP Semiconductors.


  1. Avatar Nicole Peterson says:

    I’m a shareholder and impressed with NXP. I’m always interested to read what’s going on and this blog is doing an exceptional job of presenting information in an understandable way for the general public. It’s disheartening when companies like Broadcom (i.e. today’s announcement) are creating the impression that they are beating NXP to the punch — most secure MCUs with built in radios. It must be exhausting to stay ahead of the competition with technology and with public perception. Wishing the company and its employees success going forward with its many impressive advances.

  2. Helga de Ruijter Helga de Ruijter says:

    Thank you Nicole!

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