NXP Shows the Future of the Driving Experience MWC 2015

NXP Shows the Future of the Driving Experience MWC 2015

The car as we know it is transforming from a simple mode of transport to a personalised mobile information hub – fully connected to the outside world. Manufacturers are working on secure, self-driving cars and vehicles are starting to communicate with each other, as well as with their surrounding infrastructure to avoid accidents and traffic jams.

Connected technologies mobile applications, wireless technologies, and smart traffic management solutions will affect both how we use the car itself, and how we combine cars with all kinds of other means of transportation.


At NXP we are spearheading technologies to enable autonomous driving, seamless entertainment and smart personalised car access through our automotive portfolio. At Mobile World Congress 2015 we will be demoing a Tesla-based secure connected concept car from creative think tank Rinspeed, which boasts a variety of NXP technologies.

The concept car highlights how our mobility experience will change in our rapidly evolving connected world. Some of the key features of the demos / topics that NXP will demonstrate and discuss include:

  • Technologies supporting Autonomous Driving including radar and Vehicle-to-X communications
  • Smart Access / personalisation with Wireless Charging, NFC based car access solutions for enhanced convenience
  • Seamless Entertainment with intelligent amplifiers and software-defined radio

Also, don’t miss the Mobility Discussion Forum, held at the NXP booth. International experts with diverse perspectives will discuss the implications of new mobility concepts on our daily lives.


What will the future mobility experience look like – what are the obstacles and opportunities? What is the impact on our daily lives? These questions and more will be discussed by future mobility experts from Ford, Cisco, ERTICO ITS Europe, Telit, and NXP.

Mobility Forum ‘Revolution ahead – chances and obstacles for new interconnected mobility’

Where: Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Hall 7, NXP booth E30
When: March 3rd, 3.30pm – 4.30pm, followed by networking with mobility experts

Martijn van der Linden
Martijn van der Linden
Martijn van der Linden is PR & Communications Manager for EMEA at NXP Semiconductors.

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  1. I would never trust to a technology ! Assisted driving ok, but sleepin on a car driving by nobody… No thank you…

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