NXP Smarter World Podcast | The Changing Role of Vehicle Networks

NXP Smarter World Podcast | The Changing Role of Vehicle Networks

The vehicle data revolution is fully underway. More and more vehicles are connected. Some already have upwards of 40 sensors and autonomous vehicles will produce up to four terabytes of data an hour! The enormous amount of data poses both opportunities and challenges for vehicle makers.

With terabytes of data generated hourly, questions arise about the impact it have on consumers, fleets, manufacturers and the emerging ecosystem.

How is data changing the structure of vehicle networks? How will data benefit consumers, fleets and manufacturers? What are the technological advancements vehicles need in order to make use of this data? How will connectivity benefit fleets, manufacturers and other mobility services? How can NXP help automakers bring new differentiating ideas to market?

Listen to the latest episode of the Smarter World Podcast for insights on the impact of vehicle data.

Joining guest host Sam Abuelsamid, NXP’s Ray Cornyn and Brian Carlson discuss the challenges that come with the vehicle data revolution.

Sam Abuelsamid Ray Cornyn Brian Carlson

Sam Abuelsamid

Ray Cornyn Brian Carlson

Principal Analyst,
Navigant Research

Vice President and General Manager,
Vehicle Network Processors, NXP
Director of Product Line Management,
Vehicle Networks Processors, NXP

Unlocking the Value in Data

Today the bulk of data collected by vehicle sensors is within the car, but this needs to change for connected cars to revolutionize more than vehicles’ infotainment systems. Consumer safety, security and personalization will benefit when the data is harnessed and connected to the cloud.

“A big trend we see, especially, with OEMs, is they want to be able to provide differentiation – so we think that this is a key area where they can adapt the vehicle over time to the usage patterns of the driver and the passengers.”Brian Carlson, Director of Product Line Management, Vehicle Network Processors, NXP

The vehicle data revolution will give consumers a highly personalized experience that remembers their preferences as they switch between cars, either personal or shared. Knowing more about customers’ preferences and the real-time state of their vehicle would help manufacturers provide a higher level of service. OTA updates adapt vehicles to owner preferences, apply security and safety updates, address warranty repairs, improve vehicle performance and deliver new services.

For customers and manufacturers to see these benefits, vehicle networks need to evolve – which comes with its own challenges. How can vehicles remain secure end-to-end, from the car to the fuel pump?

Listen to Sam Abuelsamid talking with NXP’s Ray Cornyn, and Brian Carlson as they discuss the vehicle data revolution on the latest episode of the NXP Podcast now.

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