The car of the future is just down the road!

The car of the future is just down the road!

Automotive was THE topic at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. For NXP, one of the coolest things was our announcement  just ahead of the show: NXP partners with  Cisco and Cohda Wireless for timely market introduction of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and car-to-x communications!

The Internet of Things is enabling us to move far beyond the concept of the car just being online – it’s about vehicles actually talking to each other and the surrounding traffic infrastructure in order to create the best possible driving environment for everybody on the road. Imagine getting information in real time that can steer you around congestion or warn of hazards up ahead or ensure that your journey is as green as possible – this is the future of the car!

The technology that NXP, Cisco and Cohda are working on together can help reduce accidents by enabling vehicles to automatically respond to changing driving conditions faster than typical human reaction times, ultimately reducing fatalities and injuries on the roads. Kurt Sievers, our executive vice president and general manager of NXP’s automotive business, nicely explains it in an EETimes video at CES:

NXP has already developed numerous innovations to make the car of the future a reality, in fields including telematics, connectivity, mood lighting and advanced radio. At CES, we demonstrated many of these innovations with a connected race car, watch the video about it:

The fantastic coverage we got from the Cohda/Cisco announcement made for a great entrance to CES… Have a look at some of the highlights:


Lars Reger
Lars Reger
Lars Reger, Senior Vice President, is Chief Technology Officer at NXP Semiconductors. As CTO, Lars is responsible for managing new business activities and R&D in the focus markets of Automotive, Industry 4.0., Internet of Things, Mobile, and Connectivity & Infrastructure. NXP has the broadest processor portfolio for the Internet of Things and is the world's largest chip supplier to the automotive industry. NXP and its global team of experts drive the development of autonomous, securely connected vehicles and accelerate the introduction of smart and securely connected devices for the Internet of Things through its outstanding edge computing expertise. Before joining NXP, Lars gained deep insight into the microelectronics industry with a focus on the automotive sector. He began his career with Siemens Semiconductors as Product Engineer in 1997. His past roles at Infineon included Head of the Process and Product Engineering departments, Project Manager for Mobile System Chips, and Director of IP Management. Prior to joining NXP as CTO of the automotive division in 2008, he was responsible for business development and product management within the Connectivity Business Unit at Continental. In December 2018 Lars was appointed CTO and has since then been responsible for the overall technology portfolio of NXP.


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  2. very very nice post.the car is very nice.The Internet of Things is enabling us to move far beyond the concept of the car just being online .thanks a lot for share this post.

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    I honestly never knew about the NXP. Looks pretty awesome. I’m surprised it hasn’t had more exposure!

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