Why Automakers Need a Safety-First Approach to Autonomous Cars

Mastering the Safety Challenges of Autonomous Cars Takes More Than a Powerful Brain -Kurt Sievers, IAA Frankfurt Motor Show Keynote

There are common misconceptions about what autonomous cars can do and what it takes to make them a reality. Suffice to say, a self-driving car is not as simple as a smartphone on wheels. NXP President Kurt Sievers cut through the hype during a keynote at IAA /Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, one of the world’s largest automotive events and platform for new mobility concepts.

The often-cited autonomous car fatalities are not due to the absence of 5G connectivity or bandwidth shortages, the lack of computing power or the infant capabilities of artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Mastering the safety challenge of autonomous cars takes more than a powerful brain, he said. A safety-first approach in sensing and computing would bring the required quantum-leap to autonomous driving. After all, safety is not negotiable in a smart, connected, automated world.

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Birgit Ahlborn
Birgit Ahlborn
Birgit Ahlborn is Director of PR & Communications for NXP’s global automotive business. Her stories focus on technologies for the securely connected, self-driving car of the future.

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