October 3, 2014

Internet of Tomorrow Tour premiers at ARM TechCon

Freescale’s Internet of Tomorrow Tour kicked off at ARM TechCon this week. With more than 120 demos on board, the […]
October 1, 2014

Freescale Internet of Tomorrow Tour: First stop, ARM TechCon

Watching the 80-foot semi pull up to the convention center in sunny California for ARM TechCon 2014 this week was […]
October 1, 2014

Is the future bright for PFOEs?

You eat organic food, wear hemp clothes and maybe you drink Kombucha tea but are you ready for wearable devices […]
September 26, 2014

Broccoli never sounded so good

Earlier this month @MakerFaire, the team over at Dentaku demonstrated how you can take conductive material – broccoli, for example […]
September 26, 2014

IoT prepares to go to Washington

Whether it is net neutrality, security or online Internet copyright issues, it’s clear things are heating up when companies, with […]
September 25, 2014

A proactive IoT – security

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you have a fairly strong understanding of the Internet of Things and its […]
September 24, 2014

The new ARM® Cortex®-M7

  As a Kinetis MCU product marketer, I always look forward to seeing how the wizards of the embedded design […]
September 24, 2014

Internet of Things Empowers Interpersonal Connections

This post was originally published on IoTworld.com The transformative power that connectivity brings to things can also reflect back on […]
September 23, 2014

The quantified patient

I wish I could have all of my patient’s data available every time I see them. Often they don’t understand […]
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