Fresh insights on autonomy, connectivity and electrification trends shaping the future of mobility.

July 30, 2020

The Safety Behind Connected Vehicles

Connected and increasingly autonomous vehicles offer those of us on the road a lot of benefits. But as cars become […]
July 29, 2020

Back to the Charge

This year has been a year of change to society in so many ways. The megatrends that have shaped our […]
June 19, 2020

NXP Brings Its Automotive Design Expertise to 5nm Technology. We Are in It to Win It!

We are excited to share that NXP has entered into an agreement with TSMC to adopt its 5-nanometer (5nm) technology […]
June 10, 2020

What’s the Relationship Between Product Security and Safety?

Our lives are on-demand. Everything we do can be changed at the push of a button, and the world is […]
May 31, 2020

National Autonomous Vehicle Day: A Celebration Among Industry Partners

Everyone involved in the autonomous vehicle technology domain freely acknowledges its difficulties, including myriad requisite technology disciplines and immense development […]
May 15, 2020

Automotive Radar and the Quest for Continuous Quality Improvement

As next-generation vehicles grow increasingly reliant on radar technologies to enhance driver and passenger safety, the margin of error for […]
May 14, 2020

Autonomous Driving Robot Student Teams Work From Home to Win the NXP Cup Electromaker Innovation Challenge

Robots here, robots there, robots everywhere! The world is embracing robotics regardless if it is in your living room for […]
May 12, 2020

Push Forward With the i.MX 8X Applications Processor Family

As cars and industrial machines become a cluster of sensors, processors, antennas and electronic actuators, NXP brings the i.MX 8X […]
April 30, 2020

NXP eIQ™ Auto Toolkit Is Available Now, Speeding the Development and Performance of AI Automotive Apps

As the automotive market evolves toward fully autonomous L5 vehicles, system designers have faced the incredibly difficult task of harnessing […]
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