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July 24, 2017

NXP Firms Up Firmware Security

By Joe Byrne, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, NXP & Ravi Malhotra, Senior Software Product Marketing Manager, NXP Most of us […]
June 21, 2017

i.MX RT Series—The Crossover Between Applications Processors & MCUs

Until recently, embedded processing fell into two distinct camps based on the necessity of the design. Situations calling for affordable […]
June 14, 2017

Blue Jay Eindhoven — a peek under the hood of the world’s first autonomous indoor drone

Following a successful demo at the Máxima Medical Center in the Netherlands, a team of young students at TU Eindhoven […]
June 13, 2017

Blue Jay Eindhoven — the world’s first autonomous domestic drone

Over the past two years, a team of young students at TU Eindhoven (TU/e) have been working on the world’s […]
May 16, 2017

Android Things adds i.MX 7Dual and Google Voice Assistant support

Today, as part of Google’s next Developer Preview release of Android Things, a new Board Support Package will be added […]
April 26, 2017

It’s All About the Right Tag!

Let’s start with a confession; I’m part of the statistics. My immune system is quite fragile, providing a playground for […]
April 6, 2017

Phishing with IoT Edge Node Lures – A New Attack Vector for Which to Prepare

Just imagine, it’s your anniversary, your birthday or a holiday and a new package arrives addressed to you. Expectantly you […]
March 15, 2017

New i.MX 8X takes flight

These days, hardworking industrial equipment is getting small enough to wear or fly. The vast market for mobile industrial solutions […]
March 14, 2017

Time-Sensitive Ethernet Paves Path for Industry 4.0

Industrial enterprises are transforming their businesses by combining their computer and shop-floor automation domains, an initiative known as Industry 4.0. […]
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