Intelligent, integrated solutions to bring the Internet of Things to life

At Freescale, we see the Internet of Things (IoT) as billions of intelligent connections that will encompass every aspect of our lives and make our world smarter, greener and safer. From smart wearables, to smart energy, homes, factories and data centers, we are bringing the IoT to life by bringing connected intelligence to the embedded technologies that are shaping the network of tomorrow.

To the front line of the IoT

Yesterday, Freescale CEO Gregg Lowe kicked off FTF with a focus around the IoT, highlighting technology and customers that are demonstrating successful implementations from the consumer to the home. And this morning we continued our discussion, taking you to the front line of the IoT with Freescale Senior VPs and General Managers Geoff Lees from the Microcontrollers division, James Bates from the Analog & Sensors division and Tom Deitrich from the Digital Networking division. Joining them on stage were U.S. Department of Energy’s Patrick Davis, General Motors’ John Haraf, Edgewater Networks’ Dave Martin, Envirologger’s Jim Mills, and Freescale’s Kevin Traylor. There were also several simulcast demos from the tech lab with Freescale’s Steve Nelson, Sujata Neidig and Kwok Wu. Together, they shared more about the vast array of devices enabled by our microcontrollers, sensors, analog devices and the network that connects it all together.

Microcontrollers are at the genesis of the Internet of Things. Geoff Lees covers embedded solutions, from K2, the next generation of Kinetis solutions that offers the latest power-efficient, cost-effective Kinetis MCUs and expanded enablement solutions. to an expanded range of i.MX 6 series processors making it the industry’s first processors with ARM Cortex-A9 plus Cortex-M4 core to provide heterogenous multicore processing for high performing and graphically rich devices that require real-time responsiveness.

One promise of the Internet of Things is that our connected electronic devices will sense and monitor our environment, consult information acquired from the cloud and repond with appropriate physical action to enhance our convenience or safety or both. Freescale offers an extensive analog, mixed-signal and sensor portfolio for bridging real world senses or environment to digital, embedded processing intelligence in the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

Tom Deitrich covers the most critical aspect of the Internet of Things. And that would be, of course, the Internet. The networking infrastructure implications for the dramatic increase in data traffic are significant, and the network transformation has already begun. This week, Freescale introduced a new family of QorIQ multicore processors built on Layerscape architecture, delivering a breakthrough, software-defined approach to advance the world’s new virtualized networks.

Expanding on the IoT landscape

In this video, Freescale’s Steve Nelson discusses the current IoT landscape and Freescale’s ongoing mission to shepherd customers into the brave new world of 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

And in this video, Freescale’s Joe Byrne discusses the current IoT trends and how Freescale is positioned to support this market.

Get into the IoT gateway

This week, we also announced new products aimed at streamlining the design process of IoT devices and applications, including the IoT gateway, the result of collaboration between Freescale, ARM and Oracle. The IoT gateway helps simplify the secure delivery of IoT services to end users in a home, business or other location, supporting the rapid deployment of a vast array of innovative IoT services. Here, Freescale’s Michael Haight discusses the importance of the IoT gateway for the embedded community.

i.MX 6 series expands

Freescale also expanded its popular i.MX 6 series of application processors, the industry’s first application processor to integrate an ARM Cortex-A9 processor and an ARM Cortex-M4 processor in a single chip design. By bringing the flexibility, performance and low-power advantages of heterogeneous computing to its flagship i.MX 6 series of applications processors, Freescale is taking display-centric embedded processing to new levels. Both the one box gateway and the new i.MX 6 series are being demonstrated in the Freescale Technology Lab each evening.

If you haven’t visited our FTF web site yet, please do so to catch up on daily highlights, keynotes, photos, demo videos, and interviews with our team and partners from the show floor. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter (our hashtag is #FTF2014), LinkedIn and on Google+ where we are sharing real-time updates and coverage related to this week’s multiple announcements, across all divisions at Freescale.

Sujata Neidig
Sujata Neidig
Sujata Neidig is regional marketing manager for Americas and drives leadership and growth with ARM-based Kinetis MCUs and i.MX applications processors. With 22 years of experience in semiconductor industry, Sjuata is active in the IoT and Wearables markets and serves as VP of marketing of the Thread Group. She's also an avid marathoner who enjoys family, friends, traveling, wine, and cooking. Find her on Twitter @SujataNeidig.

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