Brand protection with a bonus: RFID secures assets while increasing customer engagement

Being part of the global economy puts extra pressure on a company trying to create and maintain a strong, trustworthy brand. The constant flow of goods and services across national borders, the frequent use of outsourcing, and the heavy reliance on complex supply chains make it harder than ever to ensure the authenticity of products.

On the up side, technology can help. One of the strongest weapons in the brand-protection arsenal is RFID technology. Wireless RFID tags have unique identifiers, which essentially give each item its own unique DNA. This makes it easier to track an item on its way through the supply chain and, at the same time, verify authenticity, ensure quality, and keep people safe.

What really sets RFID apart, though, is that RFID can do what no other anti-counterfeiting technology can – create deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers. RFID is different because it not only protects your brand, it adds value, too.

Products equipped with RFID tags can link consumers to further information, provide access to loyalty programs, cross-sell by giving recommendations for complementary merchandise, provide location-sensitive information and offers, or let people connect to social media. RFID tags also make you a smarter retailer and brand owner, because they let you capture valuable consumer data and generate new insights into consumer behavior.

With RFID, your customers can join the fight against fakes and help you win the war on counterfeiting. That’s because they can check authenticity – in real time and anywhere in the world – before making a purchase. Simply tap an RFID reader or an NFC-enabled smartphone to the product’s RFID tag, and an authentication app does the rest.

Get the details

Our recent publication, titled “RFID for brand protection,” is a detailed look at how RFID can secure assets and increase customer engagement. Presenting real-world implementations, block diagrams, and spec-by-spec technology comparisons, this informative piece makes it easy to select the right RFID format for your application. Download your copy today.

Ralf Kodritsch
Ralf Kodritsch
Ralf Kodritsch is Director Marketing for RAIN RFID Solutions at NXP Semiconductors. He has over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and more than 12 years of experience in the RFID industry, thereby built up a vast industry network and profound market insights. His vast industry network and profound market insights are key to providing best-in-class solutions and services to the RAIN RFID Industry. His vision is to make RAIN RFID ubiquitous in our everyday life, for the benefit of the consumers and businesses alike.

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