Homebrew RF Design Challenge Winners

We are extremely excited to announce the winners of the NXP Homebrew RF Design Challenge. Earlier this year NXP organized a promotional opportunity for amateur radio enthusiasts to use their creativity and build their own power amplifier designs. The Homebrew Design Challenge was promoted at such events as the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Boston, U.S.A. and European Microwave Week (EuMW) in Paris, France.

Let the RF Design games begin!
Back on October 31st all the contestants were judged by our RF marketing and applications team on their design, performance (gain, bandwidth, efficiency and power) and their overall creativity. Contestants were to record a video or publish an article about their design using NXP’s new and easy-to-use MRF101AN or MRF300AN RF Power transistors. The contest was open to everyone – students, professional engineers, companies or individuals. In order to help motivate their RF designs, NXP also released the MRF101AN RF Essentials kit as a starting point.

Let’s give it up to the Homebrew RF Design Challenge winners!!

1st – Jim Veatch, U.S.














Prize: $3,000 cash award + $1,000 certificate for NXP RF Samples

Design: An MRF101AN broadband amplifier design with 1 W Input, 100 W Output 1.8-54 MHZ Amplifier deck. To watch the video and learn more about Jim Veatch’s design and specifications please visit RFPowerTools.

2nd – Razvan Fatu, United Kingdom

Prize: $1,000 cash award + $750 certificate for NXP RF Samples

Design: MRF300AN transistors were used to build a linear amplifier that covers 1.8 to 54 MHz at a gain of over 20dB, efficiency over 60% and an output power of around 600 W. (580 W to over 750 W depending on band). To watch the video and learn more about the design process and circuit please visit Razvan Fatu’s Blog.

3rd – Weston Braun, U.S.

Prize: $500 cash award + $100 certificate for NXP RF Samples

Design: A high efficiency switch-mode RF Amplifier using MRF101AN LDMOS device for a CubeSat plasma thruster. To learn more please read the project article from Stanford and Australian University. **Additional Stanford University and Australian University authors included in article citations

It was a close call and highly competitive! Each participant had their own creative, unique and impressive way of displaying the capabilities of these new parts.
NXP is always up for new design challenges. Go to NXP.com and access our new RF Circuit Collection to continue designing. Also, don’t forget to follow us on NXP’s social media channel (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube) for new stories and promotions.



Megan Faust
Megan Faust
Megan is the Tactical Marketer for NXP’s Radio Power Solutions Marketing Team at NXP Semiconductors. Megan Faust has worked with NXP in collaborating with both teams in RF Cellular Infrastructure and Multi-Market. NXP RP applications include SiGe, LDMOS, and GaN RF solution designs for mobile and communication infrastructure as well as consumer, industrial and aerospace/defense. The NXP Radio Power marketing team is focused on making RF easier to use, to enable customers and address new market segments. Megan is responsible for the logistics, operations, and distribution support for RF devices and evaluation boards. While also enabling innovation and marketing development for NXP Radio Power. Megan has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and is certified in Applied Business Data Analytics from Arizona State University.

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