CES 2019: Want to See the Future? Look at NXP Solutions

CES 2019: Want to See the Future? Look at NXP Solutions

What’s Next? It’s What Everyone Wants to Know at CES. We’re showing how intelligent things learn your preferences, anticipate your needs and respond dynamically to your behaviors. At CES, you’ll see how NXP brings smart, secure real-time edge compute to homes, workplaces, stores and vehicles—wherever life takes you.  Join us there and see how we power what’s next. Here’s what you can expect:

“Life on the Edge” With AI
Interactions get more personal with edge compute solutions running machine learning and artificial intelligence in our “Life on the Edge” showcase. Capabilities like voice control, facial recognition, anomaly detection and lifecycle management redefine what a frictionless experience can mean for smart homes, retail, appliances and industry 4.0.

Disruptive Mobility
What happens when you separate the pod from the vehicle chassis? The ultimate in flexibility. In the morning, it shuttles employees to work. Swap out the passenger cabin for a hot-food pod and bon appétit! It delivers lunch. Our pod-chassis combo is loaded with safe, secure NXP solutions from all of the vehicle domains. The possibilities of this modular marvel are endless. See this concept demo with NXP at CES.

High-tech Retail Reinvigorated
Edge technologies can make every square foot of store space an optimal shopping experience. From devices to the cloud, explore secure embedded edge technologies designed to deliver the most relevant data for better business insights. NXP’s smart market at the shows how NFC tags, smart shelves, displays and terminals will turn shoppers’ personal preferences into bigger profits for retailers.

Smarter, Safer Manufacturing
AI and machine learning for manufacturing give more autonomy to automated robotic assistants. See how edge computing solutions reduce costly data transfer to the cloud for global supply chain systems. Learn how 5G access and real-time applications processing increase throughput while making the factory floor smarter and safer.

Advanced Smart Home Devices
Discover how purpose-built edge solutions connect modern homes to cloud-based services more efficiently than ever. From voice-controlled smart appliances to innovative hearables technology, NXP increases comfort, affordability and convenience for smart home device makers and gives the industry something to talk about.

Immersive Sound of Smart Audio
NXP tunes into the needs of today’s groundbreaking audio device manufacturers. Don’t just see this new wave of technology and devices—hear it at the NXP smart audio demo station where we’ll have the latest in immersive sound, multi-assistant voice speakers and more.

NXP’s CES 2019 pavilion is located at in the Central Plaza – CP 18.

At NXP, innovation is always now, but our focus is always the future. Our dedicated team of experts is united by a passion to make everyday life more remarkable through technologies that continually redefine life as we know it.

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