Influencers Summit at NXP FTF 2016

Influencers Summit at NXP FTF 2016

NXP FTF Influencer Summit IoT ADAS

With the pace of innovation rapidly increasing, it becomes important to test our assumptions on where we are headed and why. It is for this reason that NXP kicked off ME & MY SMARTER WORLD, an opportunity for us to explore possible answers. During NXP FTF 2016, the Influencers Summit brings together some of the smartest and most influential people from university research, government and industry for a rare opportunity to openly share, debate, and learn from one another. The summit is broken into two sessions, one focusing on ADAS and the other on IoT Security. Both sessions include a panel of experts, followed by “direct connect” — your opportunity to participate in small group roundtable-style discussions.

SECURE-CONNECTED-VEHICLE-BANNER How big is the gap from ADAS to fully autonomous driving in high volume vehicles?

NXP FTF Influencers Summit

Monday, May 16 at 1 p.m. CST

Speakers include:
• Tim Stevens, Editor-in-Chief, Roadshow by CNET
• Gaurav Bansal,  Senior Researcher, Toyota InfoTechnology Center
• John Bozella, CEO, Global Automakers
• Stephen Zoepf, CARS Executive Director, Stanford University
• Gary Silberg, Partner, National Automotive Industry Leader, KPMG US
• Dr. Alex Fuchs, VP Business Development, Quanergy Systems
• Patrick Morgan, VP/GM Product Line ADAS, NXP Semiconductors

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i.MX blog 1 IoT: Are we there yet?

NXP FTF Influencers Summit

Monday, May 16 at 3:15 p.m. CST

Speakers include:
• Greg Kahn, CEO, IOT Consortium
• Michael Kaiser, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)
• Damon Kachur, Global Business Development, Symantec Corporation
• Professor Edward Lee, University of California, Berkeley
• Dr. Brent Waters, Associate Professor, University of Texas
• Sami Nassar, VP Cybersecurity Solutions, NXP Semiconductors

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