Our Showcase of 2019 Consumer Tech Transformation at CES

Our Showcase of 2019 Consumer Tech Transformation at CES

New Engaging Demos in Automotive, High-tech Retail and Smart Home

NXP Semiconductors will demonstrate new technologies next week that are transforming the way smart edge nodes perform and can bring more functionality that’s faster and more secure and private to consumers at home, in stores and on the road.

This transformation is driven by pushing more high-performance compute and security technology to “the edge,” which means locating applications and data closer to users, and thereby less dependent and connected to centralized capabilities in the cloud.

Technology demonstrations will span a variety of uses such as smart cars, homes, audio and wearables, as well as institutions like retail stores, hospitals and manufacturing/IIoT. Examples include:

  • Smart Tour: Check out NXP’s “AI ML Life on the Edge” showcase.  VIP visitors will get a guided tour and personalized demonstration of NXP edge computing solutions with technical consultants to explore the benefits of face and voice recognition, anomaly detection, lifecycle intelligence and security, and scalable edge technologies.
  • Smart Automotive: Experience a concept car that can separate its pod from the chassis to enable ultimate flexibility and uses, whether shared, owned or rented. Get a tour of breakthrough safe solutions across all vehicle domains—connectivity, driver replacement, in-vehicle experience, body and comfort, powertrain and vehicle dynamics connected through gateways and vehicle networks.
  • Smart Industry: See how edge computing solutions are reducing costly data transfer to the cloud for global supply chain systems. Learn how 5G access and real-time iMX processing is increasing throughput while making the factory floor smarter and safer.
  • Smart Home: Discover how purpose-built edge solutions connect modern homes to cloud-based services more efficiently than ever. From voice-controlled smart appliances to innovative hearables technology, NXP is increasing comfort, affordability and convenience for smart home device makers and giving the industry something to talk about.
  • Smart Retail: NXP will unveil the “smart market,” a new, highly interactive and personalized shopping experience made possible through NXP’s broad portfolio and collaboration efforts with some of the biggest brand names including Kraft Heinz and Gevalia Coffee, The Coca-Cola Company, and Mammut and smart infrastructure partners like Stora Enso, Opticon, Decathlon, Kathrein Soutions, Ingenico and TPG Rewards. Together with its partners, NXP demonstrates how smart retail can go mainstream, and smart market visitors will have the opportunity to experience, first-hand, how high-tech retail is completely transforming the shopping experience of tomorrow with intelligent refrigerators, personalized signage, interactive branding and true self-checkout experiences.
  • Smart Audio:  Visit NXP’s smart audio demonstrations which include the latest in immersive sound, multi-assistant voice speakers and 3D audio.

NXP’s CES 2019 Exhibit is located at LVCC, Central Plaza – CP 18.

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