Going wireless – why earbud pioneer Earin uses MiGLO technology

Going wireless – why earbud pioneer Earin uses MiGLO technology

When listening to music with headphones, nothing could matter more than the quality of audio. And to the founders of Earin, the pioneer of the world’s smallest wireless headphones, there is no alternative to the very best. A company founded by music lovers, designed for music lovers, the 2013-founded Earin is always looking to maximize the listening experience. See here just how Earin is making a name for themselves, and get the scoop on how their collaboration with NXP’s MiGLO NFMI technology is bringing the best sounding audio devices to the market.

Q: How did Earin begin? What is your mission, and how were you inspired to start your business?

A: EARIN is dedicated to sound. We create audio products of extraordinary quality for people who love music.  The company was established in 2013 with a simple aim: to create high fidelity audio devices without compromise.  As founders we all had histories of working in large corporations and where the possibility of making an impact on the end product was slim. Now we are the engineers making the product that we envisioned and at the same time, we can be nimble enough to be responsive to the market and be able to iterate ideas. We believe that we helped to bring innovation to the headphone industry as being the first true wireless product to launch as improvements with Bluetooth adaptation had been at a standstill. Earin had one of the largest European Kickstarter campaigns, solidifying the market interest for Bluetooth enabled earphone technology. The product was revolutionary at the time – no other company had figured out how to incorporate the technology into what remains to this day, the smallest and lightest earphones in the market.

Q: How did you get in contact with MiGLO NFMI, and why did you choose us for your designs?

A: We initially started working with Bluetooth technology that went around the body, and we were influenced by our fellow Bluetooth pioneer & competitor, Bragi, who first transitioned to NFMI. This instigated our investigation for finding a better kind of connection.  We chose NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction) to address issues consumers were having with cross body drop-outs. MiGLO NFMI provides a stable connection and has the ability to go through the body, making for a premium experience.

Q: How does your product make a change in everyday life? How does MiGLO NFMI make this possible?

A: We have the most discrete and smallest earbud without any distractions in the market.  MiGLO ensures a stable connection that works through the body, as well low latency is the largest benefit, coupled with high-fidelity sound. And we don’t plan on stopping. We are always going smaller, as we believe in pushing the boundaries of miniaturization. Working with NXP has been a good collaboration in which we are working together to push these boundaries. And we believe that the shared discoveries between our companies will continue to revolutionize the hearable industry.

Find out more about NXP’s MiGLO technology, and Earin’s wireless hearables below:



Steven Thoen
Steven Thoen
Over the last 2 decades, Dr. Steven Thoen has been involved in the development and marketing of various integrated wireless audio and data streaming solutions. Throughout his career, he has held various roles spanning from R&D to innovation management, program management and marketing. Today, Steven is NXP’s global Product Marketing Manager for the Hearables segment portfolio, consisting of MiGLO NFMI products as well as the upcoming audio-over-BLE solutions. When not at work, he enjoys playing the guitar with his band (www.dclive.be), sports such as mountain biking and skiing, as well as traveling.

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