MiGLO® Wireless Hearables: No Fuzz, No Buzz

MiGLO® Wireless Hearables: No Fuzz, No Buzz

The freedom that comes with small form factor, ultra-lightweight wireless hearables is fantastic. However, despite improvements in environmental microphone noise reduction how often have you said or heard, “I’ll have to call you back when there’s less noise.” Or how about, “It’s too windy, I can’t hear you” or “I have no idea what you said, just text me instead.” Sound familiar? Well these statements are among the most common interruptions to phone calls made while wearing wireless earbuds.

Picking up on the Power of the Spoken Word

Imagine earbuds that can truly eliminate wind noise on a stormy day. Tune out background chatter in bars and restaurants. Effectively create a zone of tranquility around you at loud parties and sports events, so you can easily be heard with perfect clarity.

While other environmental noise-reduction technologies have improved over the last few years, NXP’s ultra-low-power MiGLO technology really does solve the noise-isolating challenge. It does this by combining a compact near field magnetic induction (NFMI) single-chip audio solution with two mics in each earbud and our Smart Ear software.

At the heart of any noise-isolating challenge is the ability to accurately tune into only what is being said or heard. This is where 2+2 beamforming comes into play. The two microphones located in each earbud allow NXP’s Smart Ear software to precisely center in on the voice of the wearer while simultaneously picking up surrounding extraneous noise and filtering it out.

NFMI Brings Robustness and Efficiency

MiGLO is based on NFMI technology. With a proven track record in hearables, NFMI supports high quality audio and data streaming across small distances (less than 1m) while boasting ultra-low power consumption. It delivers a stable connection between the left and right earbud, while also increasing privacy and reducing issues with interference compared to other wireless technologies.

NFMI technology first came into use in the world of hearing aids, enabling users to focus in on the speech of the person in front of them, rather than amplifying the sounds of an entire room. It has since been developed to maximize the reliability and ease-of-use for voice-related applications such as voice assistance, translation and calling. And thanks to our tightly controlled left/right audio synchronization ensures an outstanding stereo image for your music.

Setting the Noise-reduction Standard

Already in use by a number of earbud and hearable manufacturers, the days of complaining about poor call quality and clogged audio are over. MiGLO brings hands-free, noiseless calls, true wireless stability and crystal-clear voice amplification. So you will never again hear or say, “I’ll have to call you back when there’s less noise.”

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Steven Thoen
Steven Thoen
Over the last 2 decades, Dr. Steven Thoen has been involved in the development and marketing of various integrated wireless audio and data streaming solutions. Throughout his career, he has held various roles spanning from R&D to innovation management, program management and marketing. Today, Steven is NXP’s global Product Marketing Manager for the Hearables segment portfolio, consisting of MiGLO NFMI products as well as the upcoming audio-over-BLE solutions. When not at work, he enjoys playing the guitar with his band (www.dclive.be), sports such as mountain biking and skiing, as well as traveling.

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