NXP at CES 2015: Secure Connections for a Smarter World

NXP at CES 2015: Secure Connections for a Smarter World

Security – the state of being free from danger or threat – has always been an essential part of human life. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, security is classified as part of the ‘basic human needs’ along with other essentials like food, water and shelter.

These days we’re more likely to fear terrorist attacks or hackers stealing our bank details than warring tribes or a sabre tooth tiger but while the nature of threats facing us has changed, the need for security still remains as strong as ever.

Our reliance on technology for the most everyday tasks including banking, transport, communications and commerce has richly enhanced our lives but in many ways also made us more vulnerable. As the market for devices and platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and more data flows through the system, the risk of security breaches, intrusions, and hacks rises exponentially.

It has reached a point where cyber security has become a genuine societal concern. Governments and businesses spend $1 Trillion a year on cyber security alone. And earlier this week the U.S. Department of Justice announced the creation of a dedicated Cybersecurity Unit within the Criminal Division to focus on this growing concern.

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Securing the future

NXP is a global leader in security solutions. Our secure element chips are already protecting some of the world’s most critical infrastructure including bank cards, e-passports and transport ticketing in cities across the world. At NXP we believe that overcoming the issues of security and privacy is critical to unleashing the potential of what we call the ‘smarter world.’

When we talk about enabling secure connections for a smarter world, it’s not just a tag line; it’s our guiding vision for the future. At NXP we truly believe that without a solid foundation of secure connections there can be no smarter world.

At CES 2015 we’ll be demonstrating exactly what that smarter world will look like and crucially, how these devices will be secured. At our booth (CP9) you can expect to see:

  • V2X connected car secure technology for enabling Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Secure door lock technology based on NXP MIFARE technology
  • NFC and bluetooth secure access to web applications
  • Smart home automation with NFC commissioning

As well as experiencing NXP’s secure technology first-hand you are also invited to join us for an engaging discussion with a panel of industry experts talking about challenges that need to be addressed as payment solutions make their way into an increasing amount of electronic devices.

When: Wednesday, January 7, 2014, 5.30-7.00 PM Pacific

Where: Inside the NXP Booth: Central Plaza #9 (CP9)

Register to attend the panel discussion or learn more about our solutions: http://www.nxp.com/events/ces2015/form-request-meeting

We look forward to seeing you at CES 2015 and discussing how we can secure the future of the smarter world.


Hillary Cain
Hillary Cain
As director marketing & communications for the Americas, Hillary Cain is responsible for connecting new and existing partners & customers, media, employees and investors with NXP’s corporate and product vision.

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