Calling all creators: Tap into Kinetis Designs to jump start your next project

Calling all creators: Tap into Kinetis Designs to jump start your next project

Quadcopter drone based on Kinetis MCUs

If you’re a thinker, tinkerer, or a hobbyist maker, you’re in good company – that’s what we’re all about. We want to provide you with tools and tips to help you solve problems, and we want to share examples of Kinetis MCU based designs in action, like what’s in the new Kinetis Designs repository.

What’s inside Kinetis Designs repository
You’ll see an overview of applications, user documentation and software, board schematics, BOM, and design files – basically everything you need to jump start a new design. No log in, and it’s free!

What would you like to see?
(Disclaimer: We’re building it as I write this.)
We have a handful of applications represented – the drone is my favorite – with more to come. Go to the Kinetis Designs repository today – and let me know what kind of apps you’d like to see. Please comment on this post or reach out us via our Kinetis MCU Community.

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) controlled robot


Justin Mortimer
Justin Mortimer
Justin Mortimer is a Microcontroller Product Marketing Manager responsible for the LPC portfolio. A customer advocate, he works hard to improve the design experience for users, from hobbyists and makers to high volume partners. A graduate with honors from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics, you'll find Justin spending time outdoors in Austin, Texas. Justin was a former member of the United States National Swim Team.

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