Freescale Internet of Tomorrow Tour: First stop, ARM TechCon

Freescale Internet of Tomorrow Tour: First stop, ARM TechCon

Watching the 80-foot semi pull up to the convention center in sunny California for ARM TechCon 2014 this week was incredible. We’re just hours away from kicking off this event. This is first stop on the Freescale mobile Internet of Tomorrow Tour, and it’s a more than fitting place to begin this new adventure.

The cargo onboard our high-end truck trailer is more than 120 demos of Internet connected devices that show the practicality of an Internet of Things that is ALREADY HERE and what’s to come TOMORROW. IMG_5916Celebrating its 10th anniversary, ARM TechCon is a community for developers, customers, and partners to connect and share the latest trends and advancements in the industry. A leading ARM partner, Freescale is using this opportunity to let the world experience the embedded technology behind IoT offerings like wearables and the smart home, while showcasing not only what those solutions are capable of today and in the future. Freescale is the only company providing IoT solutions from the edge node to the network to the cloud, and the technologies aboard this tour exemplify that in every way.

From tech conferences to maker expos to companies of all sizes, Freescale’s Internet of Tomorrow Tour is tasked with a big mission: to visit over 40 different locations in 12 months covering over 20,000 miles – at least. On the way, we’ll meet with the best and brightest engineers in the nation to discuss the ever-changing environment of IoT and its purpose in the future economy. We’ll be visiting partners and customers, bringing them real-world examples of IoT technology that they can touch and experience first-hand.

To make the Internet of Tomorrow Tour a reality, Freescale partnered with a prestigious collection of industry leaders including Arrow Electronics, Green Hills Software, Linear Technology and Digi-Key. These strategic partners collaborate on IoT solutions by providing critical software, hardware, distribution and power management.

Please keep up to date on the IoT Tour and the tour program at and follow the hashtag #DrivingIoT.

John Dixon is the Director of Corporate Marketing at Freescale

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