The Smart Washing Machine

The Smart Washing Machine

In our recent Innovation Day event in Amsterdam, we showcased some of our hottest technology demos. One of them is the transformation of the humble washing machine into a smart appliance thanks to the integration of Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities.

If you’ve ever left a red jumper with white shirts or discovered after a wash that your favourite frock has shrunk or been damaged due to the wrong detergent or wash cycle, you’ll really like this innovation!

NXP’s smart washing machine is equipped with an NFC reader – when loaded with NFC-chipped clothes, the washer can adjust its settings automatically because each chip contains the same information you would normally find on the clothes label. The machine can then identify if the user is mixing the wrong type of clothes and alert them.

When paired with an NFC-enabled washing powder pack, the machine can also confirm whether you’re using the right or wrong type of detergent for your laundry. If any of these parameters is wrong, the machine gives an alarm or refuses to start the wash cycle.

Users can also keep an eye on the washing machine’s power consumption via a display on the machine. Power consumption data can also be transmitted to a remote service centre or to the electricity provider.

The smart washing machine is also easier and quicker to fix. The service engineer doesn’t have to open the washing machine to understand the source of the problem, but can use their NFC-enabled smartphone to download the relevant diagnostic information, change its status, update firmware and launch an app that communicates directly with the manufacturer’s service centre.

Check out the demo on video here.
The list of NFC-enabled devices is growing bigger every day and we love finding new ways of making your life more connected. What other applications would you like to see become smarter in the future?

René Jansen
René Jansen
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