Your Journey Begins – With Our New Sales & Applications Training Program

Your Journey Begins – With Our New Sales & Applications Training Program

What drives tech companies like NXP? Innovation and “out of the box”-thinkers! We at NXP therefore value exactly these employees, as they are the basis for our success as a company. We believe that hiring talented and open-minded people is key. And who could be more open-minded and enthusiastic than a recent college graduate, ready to take on his or her very first position?

Can you already recognize yourself here? Are you looking for an employer that leverages your skills to the full potential right at beginning of your career? In that case you could be just the right fit for our sales & applications training program. It not only offers you and other new college hires (NCH) the opportunity of hands on interactive learning and the possibility to build relationships within the company, but many more important skills to kick-start your individual career.

In this blog series you will find out more about the program itself and about this year’s participants. You may find out that this is exactly what you were looking for, so stay tuned!

What Is the Sales & Applications Training Program?

US TSA Training Class

US TSA Training Class

Our Global Sales and Marketing is the go-to-market organization for our business units, and the technical sales and applications engineering employees are the perfect mix of skilled engineer and product enthusiasts. Therefore, this organization couldn’t be more suitable for taking on young individuals with an open mind and a willingness to learn, like you.

Launching the program this year with a kick-off in August 2019 in the US and in October 2019 in the EMEA region, all of our new college hires participated in our comprehensive onboarding and training program, which is designed for the first 9 months on the new job. The goal is to offer just the right skillsets and trainings for a successful career at NXP.

It begins with phase one: an in-depth training and orientation session, on-the job training and quarterly training programs throughout the first year. What is NXP about and what are the corporate strategy and the processes? You will learn about business etiquette, the sales incentive program and much more. Also the management assigns a mentor and a team buddy to you to help out in your individual onboarding process.

Phase two focuses on the technical fundamentals, such as the basics of NXP systems, software offerings and machine learning.

In the third phase, business skills and field application engineering trainings are the focus. Here you will learn all about pricing, the psychology of sales, how to build relationships and supply chain fundamentals.

Along the different phases, our goal is to help you find out if Global Sales & Marketing is your passion, or if you want to advance in the organization. This is when your mentor jumps in and supports you on your individual journey at NXP.

What Could This Individual Path Look Like?

EMEA TSA Training Class

EMEA TSA Training Class

Within the Sales & Applications training program, you can pursue two career paths: Technical Sales, as well as Applications Engineering. Within those, you can take your talent anywhere with the strong NXP salesforce. In our dynamic business environment, you as recent college graduate, can opt for two main positions – Field Application Engineer (FAE), and Technical Sales Engineer.

Field application engineers qualify our product value for the customers and communicate the technical benefits of choosing NXP products. This means you drive demand creation and design-in activity at customer sites. You analyze technical objectives and provide premium support on technical issues and future roadmaps for our customers. Also, you will build strong relationships with partners and customers and educate other field sales engineers on new technologies and product features.

As a technical sales engineer you develop trusted relationships with customers and distributors in our target vertical markets (smart home, industrial, consumer, automotive, retail and medical), and craft comprehensive account strategies. This means you own all communications to and from the customer. You will identify new customer projects, propose technical solutions and manage negotiations. Within your position, you have a supporting role throughout the entire product development cycle and you position NXP as the partner of choice for successfully executing customer business strategies.

How Can You Take Part in Our Program?

In the Sales & Applications training program we want to work with recent college graduates that completed their Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree in Electrical/Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Ideally you have entry-level design or application engineer work experience. Are you passionate about keeping personal technical expertise current and do you want to learn about new processes and tools? With a self-motivated and enthusiastic personality you are just in the right place at NXP. Great time-management and problem-solving skills as well as communication and organization skills are necessary to manage everyday training situations. Do you like to travel? We provide many opportunities for you to visit our sites within the training program.

Our NCHs are in many ways shaping our future. We are excited to start the Sales & Applications training program this year and to welcome you in upcoming years as well!

After this introduction to the program, what could be more beneficial than to hear about the experiences of this year from our participants? How do they feel about the program and would they recommend for you to join? In the following blog articles we will introduce you to some of the participants of 2019.

So be sure not to miss future posts on this topic!

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please visit NXP’s career page and submit your application for Sales & Applications Engineer positions that best applies to your next step in your career.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon,

At NXP, innovation is always now, but our focus is always the future. Our dedicated team of experts is united by a passion to make everyday life more remarkable through technologies that continually redefine life as we know it.

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