Meet an NFC innovator: MyEndlessID

Meet an NFC innovator: MyEndlessID

In our daily life, we need to be a step ahead of any emergency to make sure we are protected at all times, said Gustavo Rubacha, CEO and founder of ENDLESSID. Therefore, he created a solution to store, administer and access your medical information, making it available immediately when necessary with just a tap!

NXP: When did you first consciously get in contact with NFC?

Our first interaction with NFC-technology was through contactless payments for public transportation. This is where we realized the great benefits that NFC could bring to many aspects of everyday life. When we began to evaluate the use of NFC, we realized the potential this technology had, both in security as well as in rapid access to information, which in our sector is an important benefit.

NXP: What does endlessID do to make a change in everyday life and how does it use NFC?

MyEndlessID is a product that will grant access to your medical information to a doctor or first responder at the time when its necessary, providing the possibility of receiving the best possible care and without putting your life at risk. All of our products bear the “Star of Life“ symbol that is a universally recognized alert symbol. We are firm believers that in the case of an emergency, having the necessary information in the shortest possible time, can make the difference between being able to save a life or not.

Our products have NFC technology integrated which allows first responders to be able to access your medical profile in seconds with just a tap, letting them know your identity, your emergency contact and medical information that may help save your life. Every time someone accesses your medical profile, the emergency contact assigned in your account, will receive a notification letting them know your information was accessed along with the geolocation of where it was read.


NXP: What are you working on now?

With our current products, we are covering the most generic options for anyone. However, we are working to incorporate our technology in other specific products that will be geared towards more specific markets such as sports and business lifestyle.

NXP: How do you see the NFC technology evolving over the long term?

NFC is a great technology that helps identify both people and their preferences, and we believe that in the future this technology can provide the possibility of being a trigger for many actions in everyday life, making life much simpler and comfortable.

NXP: What do you think has been the most important technological invention in human history?

I truly believe that the most important invention of the last few decades has been the internet. I think that it opened up a new world and has helped achieved globalization of everything – not only in business, but also in the lives of people of all levels.

NXP: If you weren’t in your current job, what would you do instead?

I find it difficult to think of another activity that is different from what I do today since I am a person who loves what I do. I usually focus on very clear and concrete goals and try not to distract myself from them until I’ve achieve them and then move on to the next objective and do it the same way.

NXP: Good luck! And thanks for taking time to talk to us.


MyEndlessID Video from EndlessID on Vimeo.

Vanessa Lowe
Vanessa Lowe
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