NFC Academy pilot passes with flying colors

NFC Academy pilot passes with flying colors

The pilot NFC Academy project has just achieved two major milestones. The first ‘short-range wireless communications & NFC’ class at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) has been successfully completed with great results. And the inaugural ‘NFC application innovation seminar’ brought together key delegates from education, government and local businesses to share ideas and best practices, and to discuss key challenges faced by industry stakeholders.

A wealth of ideas

Two classes of 24 final year pupils had enrolled for the first ‘short-range wireless communications & NFC’ class at NYP. The students were challenged to come up with new NFC application ideas for their practical, laboratory element, with the two most inventive ideas awarded honor certificates and a small cash prize being given to the best idea.

In each class teams of no more than three pupils could collaborate on developing the ideas. These would be reviewed on the basis of out-of-the-box thinking, technical feasibility and commercial potential. At the end of the course 55 ideas, ranging from high-level descriptions to detailed, worked-out applications were submitted. The quality of the ideas was so good that it was decided to award six groups with honor certificates. And in the end it was impossible to split the final two ideas, so both teams received the cash prize.

Dr. Michael Bolt, Director of NXP ASIA lab announcing the winning teams of the NFC Academy

Dr. Michael Bolt, Director of NXP ASIA lab with the two gold medal winning teams of the NFC Academy application contest

Seminar gets the message across

A key component of the NYP-NXP NFC academy is to encourage open innovation in Singapore. To kick-start this idea and begin creating a collaborative NFC eco-system to support local SME enterprises in developing and deploying NFC based applications, the NFC academy arranged the inaugural ‘NFC application innovation seminar’.

Presentations ranged from highlighting NXP’s NFC technology to application and implementation developments by local companies. In addition Mr. Wilson Ang, Director Technology & Planning Group, IDA Singapore outlined how NFC technology could fit within the Infocomm Development Authority’s ‘Smart Nation: Singapore 2025 vision’. The day was brought to a close with a very fruitful panel session.

The presenting team at the 1st edition of the NFC application innovation seminar

Taking the next steps

At the start of this process, both NYP and NXP were naturally a little unsure of the outcome. However based on these results, the NFC Academy has clearly achieved its initial objectives. The ‘short-range wireless communications & NFC’ class is open for registration for next semester and the 2nd edition of the ‘NFC application innovation seminar’ is being planned.

From NXP’s perspective the framework definitely provides a sustainable model for introducing programs to other educational institutions across Asia. The next mission is to find those educational institutions who believe they can be a catalyst for driving open innovation in their region.


Ghiath Al kadi
Ghiath Al kadi
Ghiath (Rias) Al-Kadi has been working since 2006 as a Principal Scientist and Project Manager at Central R&D of NXP Semiconductors. At this moment Ghiath is one of the key players formulating the NFC academy’s foundation. To facilitate this open innovation initiative, Ghiath is placed temporarily at NXP Global Sales and Marketing in Singapore. In conjunction to his current job as Principal Scientist in the field of near field communication (NFC) and RFID technology, Ghiath has been following an MBA program and is currently working on his MBA thesis. Prior to his work at NXP, he was Researcher at Philips Research BV (NatLab). Ghiath has published numerous scientific articles in several top conferences and he has more than 20 patents (filed and/or Application).

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