NXP at U.N. Forum on Business and Human Rights

NXP at U.N. Forum on Business and Human Rights

Supporting human rights for employees

Tony Khaw, NXP’s director of corporate social responsibility,, is at the United Nations in Geneva this week. He is speaking at the U.N. Forum on Business and Human Rights, outlining the positive impact of NXP’s Social Responsibility program. CEO Rick Clemmer talks about the program and why he is proud that NXP is part of the discussion with businesses, governments and civil society groups at the U.N.

Making a difference for human rights.

NXP’s programs and products are designed to ensure healthy lives, dignity, prosperity and justice for all people and to protect our planet for future generations. Forced labor, modern slavery and human rights abuses can have no place in today’s world. This is why we work hard to protect worker rights throughout our operations and across our entire supply chain. Participating in the U.N. Business and Human Rights Forum provides NXP the opportunity to showcase our efforts and give examples of how change is possible within a company and its supply chain.

Setting an industry standard.

In 2013, our Corporate Social Responsibility team under Eric-Paul Schat launched a global campaign that went on to become an industry standard. The program includes auditing, training and coaching for all our businesses and suppliers. Our Corporate Responsibility program sets labor and human rights as the top priority, followed by environmental compliance, health & safety, business ethics and social responsibility management systems. It is recognized by the United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights as best practice and has since been adopted by customers and others in our industry.

Making a positive impact.

NXP has a responsibility to have no negative impact on society, which we describe as our “moral license to operate.” At NXP, we are proud that our products can contribute to a more sustainable world. But we’re even prouder of the way they are made in our own factories and within our supply chain. I take special pride in the fact that our products are made responsibly and ethically, which also has a positive impact on the lives of our workers, their families and their communities.

Doing the right thing.

We are of course a business, with a responsibility to shareholders and employees to make a profit. But we firmly believe that we must do that without exploiting anyone so that everyone involved with NXP can benefit from our activities. This is why our Social Responsibility campaign is close to my heart, because it is about doing the right thing. Nobody wants their family or friends to be subjected to exploitation or abuse, and as far as I’m concerned, our workers form part of our extended business family. So we go to great lengths to protect them too.

Employee rights are human rights.

NXP was the first semiconductor company industry to adopt an “employer pays” policy. This means that we pay our workers’ recruitment fees, transportation, medical and other administration costs. We also provide lockers to keep workers’ government-issued and personal documents safe, and we were the first to require foreign migrant workers NOT release their government-issued documents to labor agents.

Stop Slavery Award

Modern slavery and debt bondage are serious violations of rights and we are determined to do what we can to end this. The success of our programs is reward enough, but we have also garnered international recognition for our efforts. In November 2016 , the Thomson Reuters Foundation recognized our work, awarding NXP the Stop Slavery Award in the “Policy and Implementation” category. This award is the first global recognition for businesses that have excelled in efforts to eradicate forced labor from their supply chains.

Working together to change the world.

The work of NXP and the U.N makes it clear that eradicating forced labor and human rights abuse is a collaborative and global effort—we cannot do this alone. Governments and businesses need to step up their efforts. We need support from the governments to address the problems within their respective countries at all levels. Businesses need to collaborate, learn from each other and implement within their company and supply chain. Besides that, the extensive supply chain needs to join us and take responsibility for preventing violations of their workers’ rights. If all parties involved increase cooperation and work closer together then we can really start to eradicate these shameful practices once and for all. Let’s make forced labor a thing of the past!

Contact csr@nxp.com for information regarding our Social Responsibility program.

Supporting human rights for employees

Rick Clemmer
Rick Clemmer
Rick joined NXP as executive director and chief executive officer on January 1, 2009. Before that, from December 2007, Rick was a member of the supervisory board of NXP B.V. and a senior advisor of Kohlberg Kravis. Roberts & Co. Prior to joining NXP, he drove the turnaround and re-emergence of Agere Systems Inc., a spin-out from Lucent Technologies Inc. and a leader in semiconductors for storage, wireless data, and public and enterprise networks. He also served as Chairman of u-Nav Microelectronics Corporation, a leading GPS technology provider, and held a five-year tenure at Quantum Corporation where he was executive vice president and chief financial officer. Before that, Rick worked for Texas Instruments Incorporated as senior vice president and semiconductor group chief financial officer. Rick also serves on the board of NCR Corporation.

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