Smart homes don’t have to be complicated

Smart homes don’t have to be complicated

Start looking at all the different technologies that can add smarts to your home – Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, Thread  – and your head can start to spin. Having so many options can be confusing, and there’s that nagging doubt about compatibility. If you choose ZigBee for your lighting network, Bluetooth for your audio components, thread for your thermostat, will everything work together? And what about longevity? Will you end up regretting your decisions a few years from now? Fortunately, there is a solution to ensure interoperability and compatibility while adding another level of convenience. So you can mix and match protocols without worrying. It’s that simple. It’s NFC.

NFC infographicHave a look at the infographic and learn about 5 Reasons to Equip Your Smart Home with NFC (PDF) and further benefits for the ecosystem.

Growing infrastructure
Simply put, NFC is simpler, smarter way to make anyone’s home smarter. NFC is now supported by most major smartphones, and market analysts are predicting that shipments of NFC-enabled phones (and tablets) will continue to soar. Device manufacturers can be fairly certain that most homeowners interested in setting up a smart home are also likely to have NFC already on hand. Also, as more people begin to add devices to their home environment, and see how easy it is to use NFC for commissioning, there’s likely to be increased demand for smart devices that offer it.

What’s inside?
PN7150, NXP’s plug’n play NFC controller is ideal for gateways, whereas the NTAG I²C plus is perfectly suitable for all kind of end nodes. NXP’s smart home evaluation kit further eases the implementation process.

What’s your take on this?
Are you considering adding smart upgrades to your home? Have you already commissioned smart devices? What was your experience?

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  1. Hi Pierre,
    I like the presentation the the sales graphic… nice presentation of complementary nature of technologies.

    There is a slight error in the graphi though… it lists NFC as a 13.56 Ghz technology. Shouldn’t that be 13.56 Mhz?

    I’m a little surprise by the range that you attribute to NFC… our experience puts the operational range at 3 to 5 cm (5cm being a bit optimistic). 10 cm though, that surprises me. Is this in peer-to-peer mode with two active devices?

    Thanks for the great summary. Just trying to keep my head around all the technologies is challenging. 🙂


  2. Monica Davis Monica Davis says:

    Hi Steve,
    You are absolutely correct. Thank you for letting us know about this mistake. The graphic has been updated.


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