We are the new NXP

We are the new NXP


Today is an exciting day in NXP’s history — and our future. This morning Freescale joined NXP to create “the new NXP” — the fourth-largest, non-memory semiconductor company in the world. By merging Freescale’s strength in microprocessors, RF and digital networking with NXP’s leadership in security and connectivity, we’re creating more value and solutions for you and your designs.

You know our track record of innovation. We’ve spent more than 60 years creating technology for and with you, and together, we have each achieved many significant “firsts” along the way.

For instance, Freescale created the Apollo 11 transponder that first sent words from the moon to Earth. They also invented the world’s smallest ARM-based microcontroller and are defining the wireless 5G standard for the future.

NXP co-created near-field communications that tranformed mobile payments and security. We also pioneered MIFARE for contactless smart cards and proximity cards, as well as GreenChip for smarter, more secure and more efficient power and lighting solutions.

You’ve taken these solutions and created amazing technology and innovation that has changed the world.

And we’re not stopping there.

Like you, we are relentless researchers and innovators. The new NXP is supported by more than 9,000 patent families and approximately 45,000 employees in 35+ countries.

To help you capture the growth of the smarter world, the new NXP has the most complete IoT technology portfolio. We are the world leader in automotive semiconductors. And, we are the world leader in identification, general purpose microcontrollers, and radio frequency power transistors.

I hope you’ll continue to count on NXP to improve and optimize existing technologies, and dream up new solutions that help you transform industries and add convenience to everyday life — all without compromising security and privacy.

Today is just the beginning — the start of one NXP, the new NXP. Your revolutionary ideas drive the next big “thing” — and we want to be a part of it.

Rick Clemmer
Rick Clemmer
Rick joined NXP as executive director and chief executive officer on January 1, 2009. Before that, from December 2007, Rick was a member of the supervisory board of NXP B.V. and a senior advisor of Kohlberg Kravis. Roberts & Co. Prior to joining NXP, he drove the turnaround and re-emergence of Agere Systems Inc., a spin-out from Lucent Technologies Inc. and a leader in semiconductors for storage, wireless data, and public and enterprise networks. He also served as Chairman of u-Nav Microelectronics Corporation, a leading GPS technology provider, and held a five-year tenure at Quantum Corporation where he was executive vice president and chief financial officer. Before that, Rick worked for Texas Instruments Incorporated as senior vice president and semiconductor group chief financial officer. Rick also serves on the board of NCR Corporation.

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