Could NFC redefine how we interact with books in the future?

Could NFC redefine how we interact with books in the future?

“Catch The Sun” – The world’s first NFC book

The world’s first fully integrated NFC book, “Catch The Sun” has just been launched at The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the world’s largest ballooning event.

At the fiesta, American balloonist Mark Sullivan received the very first copy of the high-tech book, after winning the famous America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race on October 10 with a heroic balloon flight over 1,627 miles/2,618 km that lasted more than 60 hours.

Han Nabben – hot air balloon licensed in 1995 – has written a fascinating book about the history, science, practice and beauty of ballooning – but that’s not all. The book has tiny NFC tags embedded throughout its pages – when an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet is held against one of these tags, it will automatically play video clips, download free music and connect readers via social media.

The book opens up exciting new possibilities for the publishing industry. While the big noise in books right now is around the rapid rise of the e-book and e-reader, embedding NFC into a physical volume suddenly creates a digitally-connected object that really enhances the reading experience.

As John Devlin, analyst at ABI Research, asks, “Could NFC tags completely redefine how we interact with books in the future?  Bridging the physical and digital worlds, Catch the Sun demonstrates how NFC can expand and add value to the traditional book form, and allow consumers to interact with everyday objects in exciting new ways…”

This book is a fantastic example of how NFC offers almost limitless applications to bring old media to life, creating new layers of information and opportunities for interaction. For instance, imagine a future where all books have their own soundtracks and author’s commentaries embedded in the pages, or each character has their back story hosted on a microsite accessible from the book.

At NXP, we’re firmly of the opinion that NFC is one of the key technologies for making all of our lives more convenient, engaged and secure. We’d love to know whether you agree or not…

This video lets you see how easy it is to program NFC tags with your smart phone:



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