Russian government delegation gets the lowdown on German eID card

Russian government delegation gets the lowdown on German eID card

eGovernment solutions are on the rise, with the ongoing trend to electronically protect sovereign documents such as passports, ID cards, health cards or driving licenses. NXP is integral to enabling this trend, with 89 out of the 105 countries with ePPs (electronic passports) trusting in NXP’s security technology, and 97 out of the 124 countries with eGovernment solutions selecting NXP.

The hottest topic currently is eID cards because of their provision of advanced governmental services such as digital signature, electronic voting and online authentication. The German eID card – powered by NXP’s SmartMX security technology – is one of the most prominent and sophisticated examples of eID solutions in the world.

Now the Russian government has also taken the decision to issue eID cards to the country’s citizens, and is in the process of both defining its strategy around eID and selecting the technology partners it wants to work with.

To learn more about the German eID solution, including enrolment of the data, production of the cards, and distribution to citizens, Konstantin Romodanovsky, Head of the Federal Migration Service, and Sergey Gerasimov, Deputy Internal Minister of the Russian Federation, recently visited a group of significant German eGovernment representatives, including the Federal Interior Ministry, the federal printer Bundesdruckerei, and NXP in Hamburg.

The Russian delegation wanted to meet NXP because of its global leadership in security ICs for eGovernment applications (ABI Research, Dec. 2012: 53% market share) and because of its unique ecosystem approach. Rather than just delivering a component, NXP is actively working with partners in the value chain to build a complete, tailored one-stop-shop solution. It’s thanks to NXP’s strong relationships with software providers, card and inlay manufacturers, state printers and system integrators that governments eventually get an optimized, cost-effective solution based on latest technology.

This ecosystem approach appeals to the Russian government, which is why NXP was asked to organize these meetings. Our continuing commitment to excellence and innovation in this area is also a key factor in achieving influence at this level – for example, we are the first IC provider to be granted a CC EAL 6+ certificate for secure elements by the stringent German BSI, while recent announcements such as PUF anti-cloning confirm our technology leadership.

It was NXP’s security technology and eGovernment leadership that interested the Russian visitors most when discussing their eID strategy, and we hope that these meetings will have helped them to define their strategy for issuing eID cards in Russia in 2015.

At NXP, innovation is always now, but our focus is always the future. Our dedicated team of experts is united by a passion to make everyday life more remarkable through technologies that continually redefine life as we know it.

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