NXP’s Secure Processing Module – First Dual-Interface Biometric Product to Receive Mastercard® CAST Certificate

Fingerprint on Card Payments Become a Reality!

Biometric authentication, based on fingerprints, is the latest innovation in the payment market. It promises to revolutionize payments by both increasing data security and consumer convenience. Fingerprint on card technology counters card fraud by using fingerprints in a highly secure authentication process and gives consumers the freedom to make contactless payments without spending caps or having to provide a PIN number or signature. This unique combination of privacy and flexibility promise to make fingerprint on card technology one of the most exciting payment innovations in a very long time.

Fingerprint on card technology is still a new concept, nearing widespread deployment. As with any new technology, especially one that’s related to electronic payments, it’s essential to get the right security certifications in place before doing the rollout. This confirms the right level of security and lets consumers know they can trust fingerprint on card technology to keep their personal data protected from harm.

That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that NXP’s new Secure Processing Module for fingerprint on card technology is the first of its kind to receive Mastercard’s prestigious CAST (Compliance Assessment & Security Testing) certificate which is valid for 3 years.

How did we do it? By designing a fully integrated, one-module solution that enabes highest security, high volume scalability and a seamless/convenient customer payment experience. Our module fulfills all of Mastercard’s security requirements, meaning our approach has been proven to deliver high-level privacy and protection in high-security applications.

A one-module solution enables best integration while ensuring highest security and convenience

A one-module solution enables best integration while ensuring highest security and convenience

The Implementation Makes the Difference
Our solution maximizes protection by carefully dividing tasks between a specially EMVCo and Common Criteria certified secure element and a low-power microcontroller. The microcontroller is only used to extract data from the sensor’s print capture. The secure element – based on an already proven multi-layered security architecture– performs the fingerprint match. The secure element (or, more exactly, the secure processing unit) receives the extraction data from the microcontroller, performs the match, and reports a simple “ok” or “not ok,” without releasing the reference template or the matching results. The reference template and the matching results are protected from manipulation by outside forces, and the sensitive identity information relating to the fingerprint remains private.

Using the secure element to perform fingerprint matching reduces risk

Using the secure element to perform fingerprint matching reduces risk

Beyond Security: Highest Biometric Performance and Scalability
In addition to protecting privacy, the Secure Processing Module can be easily integrated into a card body and also guarantees the highest performance and best consumer experience. The streamlined, power-efficient architecture runs on the 1.5A/m field strength supplied by existing payment terminals, without needing to have a battery or super capacitor on the card.

Who’s In?
To offer the highest levels of security, integration, and convenience, NXP partnered with other experts in the industry.

  • Precise Biometrics provides the biometric algorithms for matching and extraction to enhance performance in terms of speed, power, and accuracy.
  • Fingerprints provides the FPC T-Shape sensor FPC1321 and its driver, to ensure on-card verification takes place as quickly and securely as possible.
  • LINXENS provides its BioLAM, a fully integrated inlay solution that is based on NXP´s Secure Processing Module. LINXENS BioLAM enables a scalable, high-volume card manufacturing process for established card vendors with their existing equipment.

What’s Next?
Having the CAST certificate means everyone involved in payments – banks, manufacturers, consumers – can be confident when working with our fingerprint on card solution. Now that we’ve passed Mastercard’s rigorous security review, we can move ahead with our product release, targeted soon.

To learn more about fingerprint on card technology, and the remarkable innovation it brings to payments, check out our blog series on NXP’s approach to biometric authentication for payment cards.

Sara Ellinger
Sara Ellinger
Sara is Marketing Manager for Secure Payments at NXP Semiconductors with specific focus on Biometrics. She has over 13 years of experience in the smart card industry, especially in the payment area where she held several positions in marketing, product management and engineering. Sara holds a diploma´s degree in engineering.

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