From Source to Store—How Secure Is Your Supply Chain?

From Source to Store—How Secure Is Your Supply Chain?

Brand owners know that a robust supply chain, trusted to deliver genuine articles, is central to maintaining customer confidence and fostering loyalty. And yet the supply chain is also where you’ll find two of the biggest threats to a brand’s value—counterfeit products and channel diversions.

Consider a high-end fashion brand that sells luxury bags. The infiltration of fake products into the supply chain can devalue the brand because they’re often inferior in look, quality and performance. Anyone who buys the fake, thinking it’s real, is likely to end up with a negative impression of the product and the company responsible for it.

Similar loss of faith can result from channel diversions, which brand owners of pharmaceuticals must try to avoid. These diversion occur when an authentic medication is bought at a discounted price in one region and sold at a higher price in another, leading to a loss for the producer and a possible shortage of essential medications in low-price countries.

Secure RAIN RFID to the Rescue

To strengthen their supply chains and minimize the threat posed by counterfeit products and channel diversions, brand owners and producers of pharmaceuticals can use RAIN RFID technology, as part of a secure, fast and highly automated product authentication process, to identify and track genuine products along the supply chain.


NXP’s UCODE® DNA Track IC uses RAIN RFID technology and is designed to deliver the security, automation and speed required when protecting the supply chain. Tags and labels built using UCODE DNA Track can be read over distances of several meters, without line of sight, so goods can easily be tracked from source to store. Tags and labels can also be read in bulk, in just seconds, so items can be processed quickly and with little to almost no human interaction.

Furthermore, the security mechanisms built into the UCODE DNA Track help make the authentication process both secure and trustworthy, providing brand owners and pharmaceutical producers the confidence that data generated by the supply chain is accurate and reliable.

Get the Details

NXP’s new document, titled “Protect Your Brand with Secure RAIN RFID Product Authentication”, explains how high-value fashion brands, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other organizations that deal with supply chain management can combat counterfeiting and channel diversions with UCODE DNA Track.

Download the document.

Kurt Bischof
Kurt Bischof
Kurt Bischof is globally driving NXP RFID based marketing activities for retailers focusing on Inventory Management and Supply Chain Efficiencies.

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