The future of mobile transit

The future of mobile transit

Everyone who uses public transportation on a regular basis knows that there is much room for improvement. On days when Murphy’s law is in operation, journeys are probably like this: Waiting in lines in ticket windows, missing trains because of last-minute changes in the schedule, the noise of incoming trains and the crowd of people, and in worst case, your smartphone battery is running low right when you were about to kill time in the train.

At NXP, different technologies work together to give you the most convenient travel experience. Imagine how much more convenient and secure life would be with wireless chargers in a train, so you never run out of battery, the ability to bypass queues at ticket machines, because you got transit ticket securely over the air, and the option to take a call with a simple double-tap of your finger, when the other hands holds shopping bags, a coffee, your child – or all of it at the same time.

Watch the animation to explore NXP’s vision of mobile transit.

What’s inside?
With NFC (PN66T) in your phone and wearable, you can securely preload your fare into the phone with an instant online purchase, then tap it to a reader to use your fare when you board a bus or pass through a turnstile. You can also use your phone to check real-time schedules, determine your fastest route, and view your ticket history – all while being confident that your personal information is kept private. The NFC and Secure Element module enables a unique user experience while helping city transit authorities and mobile-device OEMs deploy quickly.

Using the smart sensing amplifier (TFA9911) with calling enhancements you easily pick up the call with one hand by double tapping with a finger, and when in the call the noise around you is filtered out so people will hear you clearly, and the speaker is loud enough to understand the other side as well. The TFA9911 is the market leading speaker protecting amplifier for mobile devices, with the unique feature to use the speaker-as-a-microphone (SaM) for vibration sensing and high quality audio capturing. VoiceExperience provides state-of-the-art multi-microphone noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation for mobile devices.

Finally, charging spots available in public places like airports, bars, trains and even airplanes, will set a new standard when it comes to travel convenience w. NXP’s latest one-chip low power Qi transmitter device (NXQ1TXH5) enables an ultra-low cost wireless charging transmitter.  It meets the latest WPC Qi Low Power V1.2 standard, and is an excellent choice for Qi charging of smartphones and wearables, as well as many other home electronics that need frequent charging. 

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Charles Dachs
Charles Dachs
In his current role as senior director for NXP’s Mobile Transactions product portfolio, Charles Dachs and his team are thinking ahead the requirements for NFC and security in the next generation of mobile devices. Working on advanced and emerging technologies for more than 20 years, Charles Dachs can be called a specialist for NFC in mobile devices, contactless payment, embedded security, smartcards, as well as mobile wallets in particular.

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