Time to innovate: Smart watch enables seamless transport experiences in Beijing

Time to innovate: Smart watch enables seamless transport experiences in Beijing

NXP and transport operator BMAC exploit the global wearables trend to bring secure convenient transport payments to one of the most populous cities in the world.

Beijing is the biggest city in China and one of the most densely inhabited urban centres on earth. Moving 25 million people around this metropolis 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a huge logistic challenge. Public transport is vital to enabling urban mobility in Beijing and millions of citizens use metro trains and buses to get around the city.

Congestion, pollution and overcrowded public transport are daily issues for Beijing residents and transport authorities are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to streamline and improve services for citizens.


Enhancing convenience and health

A new smart watch developed using NXP technology for Beijing transport operator BMAC now allows Beijing residents to pay for transport at the flick of a wrist. The ‘touch’ watch from Phoenix cloud marks a huge leap in the evolution of smart cities in China and gives consumers a fast, secure and convenient way to access to public transport.

Not only does the watch enable easy access to buses and the metro it is also designed to relieve some of the issues of city pollution and overcrowding on transport networks. The device can be used to access a network of rental bicycles across the city providing users with a cost effective healthy way to commute.

The wearable also contains health tracking software which is used to provide incentives in the form of free transport tickets to users who choose to walk instead of taking the bus or metro. This actively encourages citizens to walk short journeys instead of taking public transport, freeing up capacity on the network.

When smart cards for transport were first introduced – replacing cash and paper ticketing – they fundamentally changed the way people travelled in Beijing. As technology has evolved and the wearable revolution has emerged transport payments in Beijing have now been taken to the next level.

The ‘touch’ smart watch, which is available to buy now, has received positive feedback and is already selling out. The device integrates a P60 chip and SmartMX platform from NXP. The flexibility of the technology means that additional services such as hotel access or loyalty programmes could be added to the watch in the future.

Kelly Chen
Kelly Chen
Kelly Chen has been in Transportation industry for almost 10 years and focus on business development in AFC area. Currently senior business development manager at NXP Semiconductors, Kelly is take care of Great China MOC and MOT business with focus on Smart Mobility Solutions.


  1. Avatar Xiaowei Feng says:

    Kelly, thank you for sharing the information of technology development in Beijing. I left my hometown nearly 20 years ago, but still very familiar the challenge on logistics. It is so proud to know that NXP’s technology can provide part of the solution to citizens in Beijing. One thing good there is people are very open minded to new ideas. I believe the smart watch which empowered by NXP updated technology will be so welcomed on the local market, and we can expect a good potential of sales.

    Please let me know how can we purchase the watch (such as which store) for our relatives in Beijing. I can’t wait to introduce them to our new product, and buy the smart watch as a gift for them.

    Kind Regards,

    Xiaowei Feng (US Tax Director)

  2. Avatar Kelly Chen says:

    Hi. Glad to know you’re still interested Beijing new change. This smart watch with transportation application can buy both online and offline. Here is the webstie link:http://item.jd.com/1387400.html

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