NXP drives convenience in Chinese Access Market with “RocketXS”

Whereas 61% of the global mobile payment users are from China, China’s penetration of eLocks is still under 3% (Source: Mobile Payment Conference 2018; SM Home 2017). This is partly due to a difficult lock configuration for end users, no remote key distribution and insufficient security. Nevertheless, smart eLocks have now been identified as a starter-product of smart homes to build up the basis of security. Due to China’s rapid growth in housing, a growing demand for secure and convenient products came up and the requests for digital door locks have finally taken off.

Laurent Dardé presenting NXPs eLock solution ‘RocketXS’ in China

Laurent Dardé presenting NXPs eLock solution ‘RocketXS’ in China

RocketXS: Increased security at complete ease-of-use

With the recently launched RocketXS platform, NXP presents an all-in-one residential eLock solution that addresses the standards of the Chinese market. Bringing together NXP’s industry-leading expertise in NFC, Bluetooth® Low Energy and access control, RocketXS offers a turn-key solution for residential eLocks. This solution includes all the necessary components for a swift time-to-market: A selection of state-of-the-art material, schematics and production ready firmware. To help ensure smooth design-in, design-in support is provided by an experienced design house, eliminating road blocks to mass-production. This enables manufacturers of mechanical locks to extend their offering to smart locks with little effort.

Various use cases

NXP’s all-in-one eLock solution is ideal for various applications, e.g. granting cleaning personal or guests temporary access without the need of being present or to provide children with tokens if they are too young to handle keys. 

Benefits at a glance

The RocketXS solution allows a quick and reliable unlocking via fingerprint, Bluetooth® Low Energy and NFC. It also takes convenience and security to the next level as all NFC cards in a user’s wallet (phone) can be set as a door key. This means that the real key is hidden and only the user himself knows which one is right and thus increases the difficulty of break-ins and hacking. Support of MIFARE® DESFire® based cards is built into the firmware, further increasing the security. The 9.6mm x 9.6mm wide fingerprint sensor enables a faster fingerprint registration as well as a reliable detection due to a higher resolution. The WeChat mini App allows to configure the lock via smartphone without installing an app. It helps to remove the display screen from the lock, brings the purity to the next level and allows a secure remote key sharing. Furthermore, the RocketXS has more than two years of battery life thanks to a very low power consumption down to 25 uA, which is half of the sleep power of typical existing solutions.

The future of the Access Market

Although the Chinese Access market is still very fragmented, the prospects are. With RocketXS, NXP presents an integrated solution allowing companies, small or large, to bring multi-functional and secure eLocks to market at fast speed. All in all, RocketXS is an advanced, cost-effective smart lock solution which we are sure to hear more about in the future!

Richard Schmidmaier
Richard Schmidmaier
Richard Schmidmaier is a Senior Marketing Manager in NXP’s product line for NFC readers and connected NFC tags. Since 2004, he works at NXP in several marketing and sales positions for the global NFC, RFID and security business. He focuses on driving the adoption of NFC globally in access management and new applications and is fascinated by the constantly growing number of NFC use cases in verticals which have not used NFC previously. Richard is based in Munich, Germany and holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Munich, and an MSEE degree from Purdue University, IN, USA.

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