5 reasons why your living room wants NFC

Five Reasons Your Living Room Wants NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is expanding quickly, and moving well beyond the smartphone. More than 500 million non-phone, NFC-enabled devices are expected to ship in 2018, and many of those devices will spend most of their lives somewhere near the living-room couch.

When it comes time to relax, entertain, and connect at home, NFC adds simplicity, security, and a whole lot more. Here are just five of the many reasons why NFC enhances the living-room experience:

  1. NFC simplifies your setup
    Want to connect your new TV to your home Wi-Fi network, or add a pair of high-end speakers to your entertainment system? A quick tap is all you need to securely commission a smart device or create a secure Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing. No more connecting cables, and there’s no need to get on your knees and crawl behind a table to access the Wi-Fi router and get a complicated Wi-Fi code.The media and entertainment technology company Technicolor understood these issues and prototyped an NFC-enabled set-top box to demonstrate the “Follow-me” feature. It allows users to simply transfer a video from an NFC-enabled smartphone to a set-top box in one tap to the box, and vice versa. By mirroring screens between your tablet and the TV, sharing media was never easier.
  2. NFC makes it personal
    How about viewing your own, customized video guide? Skip that endless list of romantic comedies and jump straight to the action flicks. Or maybe you’d like to have the TV display a particular channel, with the sound off, whenever you turn it on, so you can check the game or view headlines without disturbing everyone else in the room. With NFC, personalized controls let you do things your way.
  3. NFC keeps it secure
    Concerned about protecting your identity while using online services? NFC keeps everything private and secure, so you can do all kinds of things – like commission smart devices, purchase new games, pay for video on demand, or top-up your transport card – without compromising personal information or putting yourself at risk of identity theft.
  4. NFC puts the adults back in control
    Got kids? Want to make sure they stick to their agreed-upon schedule for gaming or watching videos? Let them tap their NFC-enabled toy to the TV to control access times and durations. No more negotiating.
  5. NFC gets you help faster than ever
    Having trouble with an install, want help registering a product, or need to report a technical problem? Help is just a tap away. You’re automatically connected to the right contact person. And, because system details like serial numbers and warranty codes are already programmed into the system, you don’t have to wrestle with bulky machinery and big screens to access details printed on the back.

What’s inside?

NXP has developed its latest NFC controller, PN7120, to allow designers a plug’n play experience for all applications running in Android, Windows, Linux or any other OS environment. The chip comes with embedded NFC firmware providing all NFC protocols as pre-integrated feature. Adding NFC to the mix makes it easier to pair, commission, and maintain smart components, and offers new levels of personalization and control – all with the highest levels of security. How do you see NFC changing the way you experience home entertainment?

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Fabrice Punch
Fabrice Punch
As Senior Marketing Manager for Smart Home in the Product Line NFC Infrastructure and Consumer, Fabrice Punch is dedicated to make our life more personal, convenient and exciting by adding NFC functionality to consumer devices. Fabrice has more than 15 years of marketing and business development experience in semiconductors and is based in Caen, France.


  1. Avatar hugh p mccann says:

    I see this as leading the way to what has been labeled ubiquitous personal information management UPIM. Have you looked, or considered full integration and the facilitation for the adoption for the average user including,

    -home theater integration with social media and communication
    -integrated environmental controls for lighting, thermostat and door locks

    -connected informational interfaces e.g. touchscreen mirrors integrating local,weather, current appointments and family reminders.

    -whole home voice integration to add, edit, and query capabilities to the entire system.

    -proximity based activation of door locks, garage door, media devices. (E.g. driver arrives at home, docked smartphone integrated with the cars dash. User updates a reminder via voice that syncs with the UPIM even before the User enters their front door that unlocks automatically as they reach for the handle. Lights automatically turn on, and thermostat has already pre-adjusted to cool or warm according to the time of day and residents prefeerence. Smarttv turns on with dvr update widget, calendar, and a social media widget for updates across platforms all voice adjustable.

    Voice based informational queries throughout the home (e.g. “what movies are in the theaters this week with a rotten tomatoes rating above 80?”, “how’s the weekend weather looking?”, “Is the front door locked?)

    These are a few ideas I have as well as ideas for adoption paths and methodology.

  2. Hello Hugh – Thanks for sharing these use cases and ideas. Entertainment systems such as set-top boxes and TVs are just the starting point. We believe in the idea to have NFC as a facilitator of the smart home, including access control and personalization features similar to what you have mentioned. You might be interested in this NFC commissioning video that shows how much easier our life would be with more NFC-enabled devices in our homes @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZeTShpER2M Thanks again. Best regards.

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