Playroom 2.0: Made possible by NFC

With Near Field Communication (NFC), play time becomes a whole new experience. The simple act of bringing two items close together triggers new responses and new ways to be creative. In “Playroom 2.0,” made possible with NFC, kids can experience age-old games in new ways, and can have game-play experiences we adults only dreamed of as kids. Video games extend beyond the screen, board games offer a new dimension of game play, and everyday toys take on new life. Having NFC in the playroom also fosters education, helping children succeed in a world where advanced technology is ever-present.


Excited about the playroom 2.0? MIFARE SDK is designed to provide access to all hardware features on Java level and enables Android apps to be created for MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG more easily than ever before. The enormous reduction in development time enables Android APP developers to focus on the real important things: designing cool apps for new dimensions of gameplay.

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Laurent Dardé
Laurent Dardé
Laurent Dardé is Marketing Director for Security and Connectivity at NXP Semiconductors. In his more than 18 years in the technology industry, he has managed engineering groups in the automotive and consumer segments, with a special emphasis on multimedia, communications, and lifestyle products. His present position, which involves developing new markets for NFC technology, lets him build on his passion for the customer experience, and leverages his certification as a LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt.

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