10 ways NFC and RAIN RFID increase supply chain visibility

10 ways NFC and RAIN RFID increase supply chain visibility

It’s critical to have visibility throughout the entire supply chain – especially when dealing with perishable goods or pharmaceuticals. While visibility has certainly increased over the past years with new technology such as RAIN RFID and NFC, there have been gaps in the tracking and monitoring of products.

With NXP’s new solution combining sensing NFC and RAIN RFID, released this  year at AIPIA, full traceability across the supply chain is possible.The semi-passive NTAG SmartSensor monitors temperature and can be extended to other parameters such as humidity, shocks, tilting and vibration through a low powered battery, and communicated via NFC. By combining this solution with RAIN RFID, tracking of the product conditions is now possible throughout the entire life cycle.

Find out below how NFC and RAIN RFID will increase visibility across the entire supply chain.

NXP’s NTAG SmartSensor UCODE Combo Kit

1. Give your product an identity

Get rid of barcodes in manufacturing – RAIN RFID and NFC provide a more secure and convenient way to identify and authenticate products.

2. Establish limits for usability

With the NTAG SmartSensor, you can protect your products further and get information on how the products are handled. Assign the temperature range the product needs to stay within as well as limits for handling (ie: shock, tilt, vibration).

3. Store production data

Easily access batch numbers and additional information such as production dates and expiration dates.

4. Monitor physical parameters

Continuously monitor the state of your products with the NTAG SmartSensor and check the status via NFC or RFID. If a product has gone outside the set limits, it will be detected in the readout.

5. Track & trace along the supply chain

At each checkpoint, scan the entire pallet of products to retrieve data on location as well as handling and condition. RAIN RFID ensures easy bulk reading and can read out the conditions monitored by the NTAG SmartSensor

6. Tamper protection

With smart labels and seals, products that have been tampered with can easily be identified. Upon arrival at retail stores or to the consumer these can be properly disposed of.

7. Increased quality

By early detection of wrong conditions and authentication check, brand and store owners can preemptively refill the logistics chain to avoid shortages. Goods that have been improperly handled can be rejected, and consumers will experience greater quality of goods.

8. Inventory management

RAIN RFID provides increased visibility for merchandise within the store, resulting in fewer empty shelves and more accurate stocking. The store owner has a better sense of what is on the shelves at all time, and can quickly react to shortages or overstocked products.

9. Additional benefits for brand & consumer

NFC enhances the retail experience through benefits such as loyalty programs, authentication check, and additional information. With just a tap, the consumer can not only find out more about the product, but could also view the handling conditions.

10. Increased confidence

Through the additional information that the consumer receives due to NFC, there is an increse in confidence. Goods that need to be handled at a certain temperature, such as fine wine, can be have their handling proven and the consumer can view that it has indeed been kept at the appropriate temperature.

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Supply Chain Visibility with NFC and RFID

Stefan De Troch
Stefan De Troch
Stefan De Troch's career spans a range of innovations and new product development, first as researcher, later as development manager and now as new business development manager. For more than three years, Stefan has examined volume applications for healthcare, which resulted in the smart pharma program where new products are introduced for cold chain monitoring and therapy adherence. When Stefan is not working, he enjoys dining, hiking and cooking for his family.

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